Test-Taking Accommodations


A student with an extended time (time-and-a-half or double time) test-taking accommodation is to be afforded 1.5x or 2x the amount of time that all other students are provided to take an exam. If a student wishes to take a test in the classroom with you (even if that student has the accommodation of testing in a distraction-reduced environment), and you and the student have no logistical conflicts with either starting early or staying late, then you should accommodate that student in the classroom and indicate on the student's Blue Form (with your initials) that proctoring from ADS is NOT needed. If you would like strategies on how to provide a distraction-reduced setting within your classroom on test day, please contact Dean and Director Marni Jones.

If, however, you or the student has a schedule conflict, or the student is eligible for testing in a distraction reduced environment that you are unable to provide, or the student simply prefers to take the test in the Proctoring Center, then be sure that the Blue Form contains all information about test dates and times, and by your initials indicates “ADS test proctoring IS needed.”

Planned Quizzes

During your accommodations conversation with the student, let the student know that there will be quizzes in the class, how long you will allow for each quiz, and determine whether accommodations will be needed for quizzes.  

If the student concludes that extended time and/or a distraction-reduced environment will not be necessary for quizzes, document this on the Blue Form, indicating the length of time you will be allowing for quizzes and noting in the Comments section that accommodations will not be necessary.

If the student does express a need extended time for quizzes and/or testing in a distraction-reduced environment, consider and discuss the following options:

  1. The student arrives early to start the quiz
  2. You will collect the quiz (after, say, 10 or 15 minutes), but the student will use the additional time at the end of class
  3. The student takes the quiz in the Proctoring Center and then reports to class
  4. You give all students course material to read after they've completed their quizzes. When you see that all students have finished the quiz and moved onto the reading, collect the quizzes.

    In order to ensure compliance, you would need to note at what time the last student without accommodations completed the quiz, and then provide the student(s) with extended test time accommodations the proportionally appropriate extended time before collecting the quizzes.

Pop Quizzes

See the guidance above and start by asking the student whether accommodations will be needed for quizzes. If the student informs you that accommodations won't be necessary for quizzes, make the student aware that you will also be giving unannounced pop quizzes to ensure that students are keeping up with assigned readings. Then confirm in writing any declination to use accommodations for pop quizzes on the student's Blue Form. 

If the student does express a need for extended time for pop quizzes, then Option 4 (above) is the preferred means of implementation.  

Knowing how best to implement accommodations can be tricky! If you have any uncertainties, please call Marni Jones at (717) 245-1734. She'll be happy to advise. 


If your student has the accommodation of a computer for essay exams, please let the student know whether you will have any essay-based tests, and whether or not you’re comfortable with a student using a laptop (not the student's personal laptop) in your class for an exam. If the student will be taking the exam with a laptop in your classroom, please remind the student to email Assistant Director and Proctoring Manager, Susan Frommer at proctoring@dickinson.edu to request an internet-disabled laptop for that exam.


It is essential that ADS (Access and Disability Services) has sufficient time to plan for all exam proctoring, which is why students are informed that they must make any requests for proctoring at least one week in advance. Your assistance with these preparations will save us all a good deal of effort and scrambling down the road.

As soon as we receive Blue Forms that indicate the need for a test proctor (even if that need may be tentative), we will begin preparations. If you do not receive a confirmation of our intention to proctor your student within three days prior to your exam, please notify proctoring@dickinson.edu.

Likewise, if a test date changes, or if a student indicates to you that s/he will no longer be in need of a proctor that was previously requested, please notify proctoring@dickinson.edu as soon as possible.