Meeting with Students

...and Acknowledging the "Access Plan"

Any students with disabilities seeking to implement approved academic accommodations for your class must do three things:

  1. Log into their Access Plan for your class and indicate what accommodations they intend use, and click "Disclose to Faculty." 
  2. Email you with a message that:
    • has attached their official ADS Accommodation Letter for that semester,
    • lets you know that they've completed their Access Plan for your class, and 
    • includes a request to schedule an Access Plan meeting.
  3. Meet with you to discuss their Access Plan and the Implementation of their accommodations. (This meeting could take place in person or virtually.)

While students are encouraged to have this meeting in the first week of the semester, if possible, this is not mandatory, as what the ADA requires is that a student give "reasonable notice" when requesting (an) accommodation(s). Remember that some students may have mid-semester diagnoses, or may have believed that previously granted accommodations would no longer be necessary. We have determined "reasonable notification" for test-taking accommodations to be approximately one week, but circumstances may necessitate either more or less advanced notice. When in doubt, please email Marni Jones. 

Because some accommodations may be implemented differently in different classes, and others may not be requested at all, it is critical that professors meet with their student to review the student's Access Plan and then formally "acknowledge" the agreed-upon plan in CLIQ. Faculty should not "acknowledge" the accommodations in the Access Plan until the meeting has been held and all exams for which accommodations will be utilized have been entered into the Access Plan by the student.

Thank you for taking the time to meet with each student who has requested accommodations. Click this Access Plan Overview for a general understanding of the Access Plan process, then click the "Faculty Guidance" link at the bottom of the page for a faculty-specific tutorial.