Student Computing

Wireless Network: Wireless coverage is available across the campus and in all student residential spaces. Please note that you may see multiple wireless networks appear on your computer when you are in the process of accessing the campus network. All members of the Dickinson community may connect to the wireless network titled “Dickinson”.  For instructions on configuring your computer, tablet or phone, please click here:

It should be noted that personal wireless devices such as access points, personal hotspots and wireless printers adversely impact the performance and availability of the campus wireless network and are not permitted for use in campus buildings anywhere on campus.  Further information about this policy may be found at the following location:

Wired Network: To connect to the wired campus network, you must have an Ethernet cable, and your computer must have Ethernet capability. Network jacks are provided in all residence halls. 

Answers to FAQs can be found in our Knowledge Base.


Residential Support Annex (RSA): The RSA provides support for a variety of student personal computer-related issues associated with internet connectivity problems, operating system issues, and malware removal. The staff is also available to lend advice dealing with other computer related issues but will not install hardware, software, or repair errors beyond those pertaining to network connectivity, malware removal, and operating system issues.

More information, hours of operation, and methods of contact can be found on the RSA's Page.


Using Game Consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, etc.) and Smart TVs on the Student Network

Students may register and use gaming consoles and Smart (internet-enabled) TVs on the campus WIRED network.  Game systems and TVs may not be used on the Wireless network.

Here are instructions for connecting and registering Game Consoles and Smart TVs on the Student Network.


Network File Storage

Microsoft OneDrive: All students have 5TB of file storage space on Microsoft OneDrive (accessible alongside the Office 365 Email App in Office 365).  Please Note: Office 365 OneDrive is NOT backed up so delete carefully.  


Printing on Campus

Dickinson uses the PaperCut print management system for printing to Toshiba and Lexmark multi-function printer/copier/scanners on campus.  To learn how to print from Dickinson OR personally-owned computers to campus Toshiba and Lexmark printers, please see the "Printing on Campus" site here:


Policies You Need To Know


Having problems?

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