The David Long Memorial Scholarships and Alfred Swan Memorial Scholarships

The Swan/Long Scholarships are awarded each semester by vote of the Music Department faculty. To be eligible, students must be qualified for financial aid at the college as verified by the Office of Financial Aid. To apply for a scholarship, download & print the application. Follow the instructions and return the completed form to the Music Department Academic Department Coordinator during the semester previous to enrollment. Deadlines are May 1 for the fall semester of study, and December 1 for the spring semester of study.

Scholarships will be accepted throughout the year on a rolling basis, and awarded as they become available. However, priority will be given to students who meet these deadlines.

Letters of application should state any/all college ensembles in which you currently participate, why playing/singing are important to you, how you envision lessons to aid you, and financial need, if any. If a particular instrument or voice are taught by more than one instructor, you may indicate a preference if you wish, but all decisions about studio placement will be made by the coordinator of that instrument or voice area.

Preference is given to students who are making their first application for these scholarships and is also given to students who have made, or will make, a significant contribution to the Departmental Ensemble program. Every effort is made to distribute these scholarships as evenly as possible among the various instruments and voice offered in the curriculum. These scholarships pay directly for half-hour lesson fee charged by Dickinson College for courses in Performance Studies, upon faculty vote. Students taking full hour lessons and receiving scholarships are responsible for the other half of the full hour lesson fee. Withdrawal from the course may result in revocation of the scholarships, in which case the recipient will be responsible for paying the Performance-Studies fee.

Ensemble Scholarships

The Ensemble Scholarship is awarded to students enrolled in performance studies courses and is contingent upon one year of dedicated participation in a Departmental Ensemble, including Choir, Collegium, DICE, Jazz Band, Orchestra, and chamber music. To maintain an Ensemble Scholarship, the recipient must participate in one or more Department Ensembles according to the conditions for participation outlined in the ensemble syllabus. Failure to meet those conditions may result in revocation of the scholarship, in which case the recipient will be responsible for paying the Performance-Studies fees. The application process is the same as for the Swan/Long Scholarships (described above).

Bullard Scholarship

The Bullard Scholarship covers the cost of one-hour lessons and is awarded by the Department of Music to a student (in any year of their studies, most typically year one or two) enrolled in performance-studies lessons who intends to declare a major in music. Candidates are nominated and selected by the department faculty.