Swan, Long, Bullard, and Ensemble Scholarships (Enrolled Students Only)

The department annually awards scholarships to enrolled students to cover the cost of performance studies lessons. Scholarships are open to all students: from beginners to advanced students, first-years to seniors, in all areas of performance. Students may apply each semester for a scholarship; however, preference is given to students who have not previously been awarded a scholarship. Applications can be submitted through the Gateway Student Forms menu and must be received by noon on the first Wednesday of each semester.

The David Long Memorial and Alfred Swan Memorial Scholarships are awarded to current students with demonstrated financial need. These scholarships cover the half-hour lesson fee; students taking full-hour lessons are responsible for the other half of the full-hour lesson fee.

The Bullard Music Scholarship is awarded annually to a current student who demonstrates recognized musical talent and deep impact in the performance program. This scholarship provides an annual $1000 scholarship to the recipient and covers the full-hour lesson fee.

The Ensemble Scholarships are awarded to current students who are enrolled in a faculty-led departmental ensemble. Students who receive an ensemble scholarship must maintain good standing within the ensemble as defined by participation criteria in the syllabus. Failure to meet these criteria may result in revocation of the scholarship, in which case the recipient is responsible for paying the performance studies fee.

Students who withdraw from performance studies lessons after the add/drop period will have their scholarship revoked and are personally responsible for the full amount of the performance studies fee.