Professor Ellen Gray Teaches a Music Lecture Class

Whether you have been performing for years or are just starting to explore the possibilities of a life filled with music, Dickinson’s music department invites you to come explore the human condition through deep engagement with music and its surrounding cultures. In our classrooms and studios, students work intimately with acclaimed teachers – regardless of whether they are majors, minors, or non-majors. Our rigorous curriculum is designed to be accessible, interdisciplinary, and flexible enough to allow for students to double major or minor.  Through their academic and creative work, students expand their intellect, take important risks, and cultivate meaningful opportunities for self-expression and intercultural exploration.

We highly encourage prospective students to visit and engage with our community of artists and scholars in order to learn more about how music might become a meaningful part of your Dickinson experience. Prospective students may also apply for music merit scholarships, which cover the cost of private lessons throughout your four years at Dickinson.