Romance Language House

La  Maison française fait partie de la Romance Language House à REED. C'est le moment d'y penser, si vous voulez faire une demande pour une place à Reed pour l'année prochaine. Vous aurez l'occasion de pratiquer votre français dans un cours et dans la maison en dehors des cours.

Please contact Madame Hudson at, if you are interested in living in the Romance Language House.

Romance Language House (Reed House) provides a French speaking only living environment.

The Romance Language House

The mission of the Romance Language House is to promote foreign language development within the campus community. Through living in an environment in which all house members speak multiple languages (Italian, French and Spanish), residents are encouraged to speak and interact in their respective foreign languages. Members of the house also reach out to the college community through planning, organization, and promotion of the house events and through attendance of the weekly foreign language tables. The goal of the Romance Language House is to educate others on foreign languages and diverse cultures through living in a shared environment, as well as opening up that environment to the college community as a whole.

La Maison Francaise

The French House (La Maison française) is a place where students interested in French may practice the language in a relaxed, friendly environment, while interacting with students of other Romance Languages and international students. Located in the Romance Languages House in Reed Hall, La Maison française provides a unique opportunity to live in a Francophone environment if you wish to practice and improve your French. The French overseas student assistant (OSA) lives at La Maison française, helping students practice their French and organizing social and cultural events with them.

For students who plan to go to France during their junior year, La Maison française is a great opportunity: they will be totally immersed in the culture even before going to France. Those returning from France will live in a truly international environment, where they will keep practicing their French while interacting with students from other countries, as they did during their junior year.

Requirements for Admissions and Eligibility

Residents must be committed to speak French at all times with the residents of La Maison française. Preference will be given to (1) rising juniors and seniors, (2) native speakers of French who are willing to share their culture with others, (3) students who have completed French 116 and are either French majors, or International Studies or Business Majors whose region of specialization is the Francophone world, (4) students who plan to go to Toulouse or Cameroon during their junior year.

Residency Requirements

Students must agree to adhere to the Dickinson College "Code of Conduct" (Student Handbook, 60-71), as well as pledge to speak French within La Maison française. Applicants must agree not to participate in the general Dickinson Housing lottery for the following year. The rooms will be assigned on the basis of seniority. Finally, students must be enrolled in a course in French during their year's residence in La Maison française.


If you want to be a part of La Maison française, apply to the Department of French by filling out the La maison française application. Email the application to Madame Hudson at by March 21, 2017.