Collaborations for Sustainability

Downtown Carlisle

Storm Series 11: Charcoal on paper by Ward Davenny.

Dickinson’s commitment to sustainability encompasses investments and collaborations that promote sustainability goals in the local community, the region, the nation and internationally. For example, Dickinson, a tax-exempt nonprofit institution, makes voluntary tax and other payments of $400,000 per year to the Borough of Carlisle, the Carlisle school district, Cumberland County and other local agencies. These payments help provide infrastructure and services that are vital for a sustainable community. In addition, Dickinson works with local partners to build and sustain a robust local economy, make Carlisle more bicycle and pedestrian friendly, improve access to health care, promote sustainable farming, provide food and clothing to neighbors in need, protect local streams and protect local air quality. 

Reaching out to communities beyond Carlisle, Dickinson collaborates to protect watersheds across the state of Pennsylvania, promote sustainability in higher education nationally, improve resource management in and outside of the United States and advocate nationally and internationally for greenhouse-gas emission reduction.