The College is a tax-exempt entity, and as such its Tax Identification can be provided for Pennsylvania sales tax exemption

Office supplies are ordered by individual departments. Some departments have accounts with Guernsey Office Supplies; please check with your department. Special items may be ordered through the bookstore or via online vendors for competitive pricing and quicker delivery.

Computer Peripherals and Hardware



Paper Supplies Copier/printer paper

  • You can order a case or a single ream of office paper from the Print Center. They have many colors and weights of paper to choose from.
  • Cases of paper may be ordered through Facilities Management
  • Use the Work Order Form following the steps. Under Step 3, select "Delivery", then under Step 4, enter what you need in the space and make sure you include your account number to be charged. Complete the form and submit.
  • Paper may also be ordered by emailing the Print Center directly at, please include your account number when ordering.

Dickinson Stationery, Envelopes, Business Cards

Office & Classroom Furniture

  • Contact Design Technician in Facilities Management @ X1017

Dickinson Purchasing Card Program