Student Forms and Deadlines


The Dickinson Gateway is an online portal to information and services for the college community. You will be using Gateway as you prepare to come to Dickinson to access your Dickinson email, complete student forms required for attendance and obtain news and information about preparing for Orientation and your first year at Dickinson. As you progress through your college career, the information and services that you access through the Gateway will change. The Gateway allows Dickinson to deliver information and services targeted to your specific roles and activities at the college.

Your Dickinson Gateway user name and password can be found through your application status page. If you encounter difficulties accessing or using the Dickinson Gateway, contact the Library & Information Services Helpdesk at 717-245-1000 or Your user name and password is protected by the college and we will need to verify your identity over the phone or by email. We will only give this information to the individual student and not to individuals calling on their behalf. 


With so much to do before you arrive at Dickinson, we want to help you keep track of everything with this list of important dates and deadlines. It is important to use Dickinson Gateway to complete required forms. The only forms that cannot be completed online through the Gateway are the Health Forms available here

Complete by May 31 

  • Disability Accommodations Request (if relevant) 
    • Only complete this form if you are requesting an accommodation. 

Complete by June 1 

  • Area of Academic Interest Survey 
  • Emergency Contact Information 
  • First Year Seminar Selection Form (available May 2) 
  • Media Relations Form 
  • Religious, Secular, and Spiritual Preference Form  

Complete by July 1 

  • Create iGrad Account 
  • Financial Aid Recipient Information Form 
  • Roommate Preference Form (available May 2) 
  • Language Background Information 
  • Music Background Information 
  • Summer Advising Session Prep Form 
  • Placement Tests (available May 2) 

Complete by July 15 

  • Health Forms 

Complete by August 16 

  • Step UP!  
  • Start Program (available May 2) 

Complete by September 13 (8 a.m.) 

  • Academic Integrity Online Class (available May 2) 
  • Active Intruder/Assailant Awareness (available May 2) 
Download a Printable Deadline Checklist

Online Modules


You will find that Dickinson is a dynamic and engaging place for learning. It is our priority to assist you in taking full advantage of the extraordinary opportunities that await you. Your intellectual and personal development, and that of your peers, is the cornerstone of a partnership with faculty and staff that will last during your years here and beyond. It is an exciting journey on which we embark together.

Your physical and emotional health, now and throughout your life, will serve as a critical foundation for developing your intellect and creativity. And, as always, your commitment to yourself comes with a shared commitment to the health and welfare of others. Just as you have throughout your life, you will have a special opportunity to impact the lives of your peers in positive and productive ways, and we are committed to helping you do so. 

To this end, we require every new incoming Dickinson student to complete the Academic Integrity Online Course by Sept. 13. Students are also required to complete the START Program (a series of modules addressing sexual assault awareness and prevention and alcohol and drug awareness, available May 2) by Aug. 16. These are not over-simplified lectures; rather, they are thoughtful, well-researched educational programs for adults committed to thinking about their life choices and values. These programs will assist you in making informed, mature decisions


Part of the privilege of attending Dickinson College includes the responsibility of adhering to our Community Standards, which include principles for academic integrity. Students are expected to show respect for the ideas of others when using them to create original works by citing appropriately. Plagiarizing the work of others is prohibited and may be harshly penalized.

To help educate our community about this topic, all first-year students and other students new to Dickinson are required to complete an online tutorial regarding academic integrity and plagiarism. Students who do not complete this instruction by the deadline will have a hold placed on their accounts that prevents them from registering for the next semester’s courses .

To fulfill this requirement, students should:

  • log on to Moodle through Gateway
  • select the course titled, “Academic Integrity Tutorial”
  • read the directions and click on the link titled, “Academic Integrity Tutorial” to begin the tutorial

This tutorial must be completed by Sept. 13, 2022.

Students receive credit only after completing the entire tutorial, answering all questions, and clicking the “Submit” button on the last page.


Dickinson College is deeply committed to the greatest health and welfare, and ultimate success, of all of our community members. For more information about the Academic Integrity Tutorial, and other information for first year students, please see our Information for First Year Students online guide. Questions about academic integrity may be directed to


Incoming and transfer students are required to complete the START Learning Program for Higher Education prior to the start of their first semester. The START Program is a series of well-researched educational programs for adults committed to thinking about their life choices and values.  

The START Program is an online program which includes modules aimed at reducing campus sexual assault, dating/domestic violence and stalking; empowering bystanders of potentially violent situations to intervene before the violence occurs; and educating students about alcohol, drugs and their effects. “Alcohol: How Do You Measure Up?” is an assessment tool in the START Program which demonstrates some of the costs of alcohol consumption, and lets students examine their drinking habits and compare them to their peers.
The START Program is available online beginning May 2 and must be completed by Aug. 16. The modules may be accessed at the following links:

Questions related to the START Program should be directed to