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Navigate Dickinson: Student Resources

Navigate puts information at your fingertips, literally! You can access important information and reminders on your desktop or mobile device. 

Navigate will enable you to: 

  • see your class schedule and request appointments 

  • find study buddies in your classes 

  • access campus resources and guidance 

  • learn how to resolve holds 

  • "Raise your Hand" to make a self-alert and get support

  • track deadlines with the help of to-dos on essential steps you need to take. 

You’ll want to access Navigate regularly, watching for reminders, deadlines, and requests to set up meetings.  Find a Quick Start Guide here.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I access Navigate?

You can access Navigate from your desktop through the Gateway (look for the Navigate button). You can also download the mobile version of Navigate through the App Store or Google Play by searching “Navigate Student.” 

How do I send a message to one of my professors?

In the main screen, select the class, click on actions above the course list, and then select submitting a message.  

What is a Student Success Network or Student Success Team?

Each student has a group of faculty and staff who provide academic and social support. To see your student success network, select Resources in the main menu and select People. You should see a list of your team members, as well as their phone, email, and location. If they have their calendars synced to Navigate, you can also schedule appointments with them there.