Dickinson offers a full range of courses in Latin and Greek, as well as courses in ancient history, archaeology, classical philosophy, and classical literature in translation. An active student community fosters the classics on campus through various events, a Latin club for school students, the Classics House, the annual Classics Festival, and the Eta Sigma Phi honor society. Almost all majors spend time overseas, usually in Rome or Athens. The department sponsors the annual Roberts Lectures, a series of digital projects created collaboratively by faculty and students, and a series of workshops for teachers, the Dickinson Latin Workshops and the Conventiculum Dickinsoniense, a spoken Latin immersion.

Classical Studies Blog

Dickinson College Classical Studies Department Hosts Classics Honor Society’s National Conference

Re-posted from the main Dickinson College website here,  April 11, 2018 Dickinson College’s Department of Classical Studies recently explored everything from the Hercules cycle to Caesar and the Battle of Alesia during the national conference of the Eta Sigma Phi classics honor society. Hosted on campus—and attended by nearly 100 undergraduates and 15 faculty members from across the country—the three-day annual … Continue reading Dickinson College Classical Studies Department Hosts Classics Honor Society’s National Conference

Classics Festival Pre-recorded songs, skits, and A-V projects

These are the Classics Festival Projects that will be judged by Dickinson Eta Sigma Phi members on Sunday April 22. Games Game # 8 write-up (Harriton) Skits Skit-1  Camp Hill/ Roman  Igitur Dinosaur  Performers: Nick Smeal and Michael Baturin;  Writer and translator: Nick Smeal Skit-2 Harriton/Cambria Ecce Romani Latin 1 students Alice Zehner Skit-3 East … Continue reading Classics Festival Pre-recorded songs, skits, and A-V projects

Questioning and Responsible Citizens

The following is a slightly edited version of Dickinson President Margee Ensign’s opening remarks at the Eta Sigma Phi National Convention, delivered in Allison Hall, Dickinson College, March 24, 2018. Dickinson College was established in 1783, the first college founded at the close of the American Revolution. That was a revolution led by learned men, … Continue reading Questioning and Responsible Citizens

Dickinson College Commentaries Blog

ΗΣΦ 90th Annual Convention Schedule

ΗΣΦ is the college honorary society for classical studies, and Dickinson is proud to be hosting their 90th annual this weekend. Here is the schedule! Friday, March 23rd 5:00-7:00pm, Great Room, Allison Hall Registration and Reception Light refreshments will be … Continue reading

Translating Catullus for a Student Audience

Catullus is one of the most frequently translated of Latin poets, but when it comes to English versions suitable for classroom use (that is, reasonably close to the Latin, not seriously dated, and widely available) there are three: Guy Lee … Continue reading

Winter Break 2017-18 Accomplishments at DCC

2017-18 winter break was quite productive! Dickinson students Eli Goings (’18), Beth Eidam (’19), and Carl Hamilton (’21) worked on Caesar’s Gallic War, specifically on the text notes and vocabulary for Book 1, Chapters 8–54. This will soon give us a … Continue reading

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