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Latin Club

Students laughing at a Dickinson College Latin Club event.

Gardner Gray, 9, left, and Noah Henry 9, right, laugh as they learn how to say their names in Latin on Monday evening at Dickinson College during the first gather of the Latin Club. Students from kindergarden all the way to 8th grade signed up for the newly formed club.

Latin Club is a fun way for younger students to encounter Latin and ancient Roman culture, while learning some English vocabulary and grammar as well.  Led by Ashley Roman (Latin Teacher, Camp Hill High School) and Christopher Francese (Professor of Classical Studies, Dickinson College), the sessions are taught by teams of students from Dickinson and Trinity High School. Latin Club meets once per week when Dickinson classes are in session. The club is free, and is supported by the Dickinson Classics department, through the Roberts Fund for Classical Studies. For further details, please see the Latin Club web site