Dickinson offers a full range of courses in Latin and Greek, as well as courses in ancient history, archaeology, classical philosophy, and classical literature in translation. An active student community fosters the classics on campus through various events, a Latin club for school students, the Classics House, the annual Classics Festival, and the Eta Sigma Phi honor society. Almost all majors spend time overseas, usually in Rome or Athens. The department sponsors the annual Roberts Lectures, a series of digital projects created collaboratively by faculty and students, and a series of workshops for teachers, the Dickinson Latin Workshops and the Conventiculum Dickinsoniense, a spoken Latin immersion.

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Marc Mastrangelo
Professor of Classical Studies

Department Coordinator:
Terri Blumenthal


1st floor, East College
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Classical Studies Blog

Podcast: The Chilling Fate of Palinurus (Aeneid 5.847–871)

Seth Levin discusses the character of Palinurus in Vergil’s Aeneid Cui vix attollēns Palinūrus lūmina fātur: ‘Mēne salis placidī vultum flūctūsque quiētōs ignōrāre iubēs? Mēne huic cōnfīdere mōnstrō? Aenēān crēdam (quid enim?) fallācibus aurīs          850 Tālia dicta dabat, clāvumque adfīxus et haerēns nusquam āmittēbāt oculōsque sub astra tenēbat. Ecce deus rāmum Lēthaeō rōre madentem vīque … Continue reading Podcast: The Chilling Fate of Palinurus (Aeneid 5.847–871)

Podcast: Ode to a Trumpeter (Aeneid 6.162-174)

Hugh Downs discusses the character of Misenus in Vergil’s Aeneid. There are many stories in Roman mythology that involve mortals challenging the gods to contests. One of the best known is the tale of Arachne, the weaver who thought she was better than Minerva. Another less well-known story is that of Marsyas and Apollo. Marsyas … Continue reading Podcast: Ode to a Trumpeter (Aeneid 6.162-174)

Podcast: Creusa’s Farewell (Aeneid 2.776-789)

Michelle Hoffer discusses Creusa’s farewell speech to Aeneas near the end of Book 2 of Vergil’s Aeneid. ‘Quid tantum īnsānō iuvat indulgēre dolōrī, ō dulcis coniūnx? Nōn haec sine nūmine dīvum ēveniunt; nec tē comitem hinc portāre Creǖsam fās, aut ille sinit superī rēgnātor Olympī. Longa tibi exsilia et vāstum maris aequor arandum,     … Continue reading Podcast: Creusa’s Farewell (Aeneid 2.776-789)


Dickinson College Commentaries Blog

Latin Camp 2017 pictures

Better late than never, here are a few pictures from this summer’s Dickinson Latin Workshop (aka Latin Camp), in which our merry band read Prudentius’ Psychomachia with Prof. Marc Mastrangelo. Thanks to everyone who made this such an enjoyable experience! … Continue reading

A mysterious animal in Maffeius

A story in Maffeius’ Indic Histories Book 5 concerns a fighter named Noadabegua from Malacca who fought the Portuguese bravely and died, pierced with dozens of wounds, but the wounds did not bleed until an arm band was removed that contained the … Continue reading

Globalizing Latin with Maffeius

One of the hidden treasures of neo-Latin prose is the Historiarum Indicarum libri XVI (1588)[1] by the Italian Jesuit Giovanni Pietro Maffei (1536–1604, Latin name Maffeius). It tells the story of the Portuguese voyages of conquest and discovery in the … Continue reading