Spring Closing 2014

Finals are approaching
Final exams are approaching.  24 hour quiet hours begin on Friday, May 2 at 9:00 PM.  All students need to be aware of quiet hours and the need for an environment conducive to study.  As always, students are responsible for ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to study and work on projects.  Students who do not adhere to these expectations may be asked to leave the hall. 

Closing Date and Time
Residents are expected to depart campus 24 hours after their last final or by 12noon on Wednesday, May 14, whichever comes first, unless you are a graduating senior.  Residents with special circumstances must contact the Office of Residence Life & Housing (reslife@dickinson.edu) by May 2 to discuss the situation and receive approval to stay beyond this deadline from the Director.

Let us know your Plans
Please respond to this link to let us know your plans for leaving: http://tinyurl.com/Closing2014.  Students must respond by May 4 at 11:59pm.

Check Out
On the day the student is leaving, he/she should return key(s) to the check-out table (see locations below), noting any additional damages to the room at that time.  Staff will check the rooms each evening to verify that belongings have been removed.  If you prefer, a staff member can check out with you in person between the hours of 9am-7pm.  Contact your RA with questions or for more information. 

Below is a list of the check-out table locations and which residents should use the check-out table.

May 5-9, 2014
Check out through Student Life Office in the lower level of the HUB between 9am-7pm; if you must checkout outside of these hours, go to DPS.

May 10-14, 2014
Check out through one of the table locations below between 9am-7pm; if you must checkout outside of these hours, go to DPS:

  • Morgan Lobby
  • Baird Lobby

Graduating Seniors - May 18, 2014
Check out through the Student Life Office in the lower level of the HUB between 9am-7pm.  All seniors must vacate campus no later than 7pm.

To be officially checked out of your room, sign check out paperwork and return keys, please stop at the check-out table.  Contact your RA for more information.  You are responsible for the key(s) that you were issued.  It is important that you return your key(s) when you leave or you will be billed to have the lock changed ($100.00/lock).  If you have lost your keys, please notify the office immediately.

All of your personal belongings must be out of your room prior to staff inspecting the room to check you out.  If there are damages or belongings left in the room, you may be charged.  If appropriate, you will share these charges with your roommate(s). The staff has been instructed to record damages when they inspect the room.  Determination of who pays for what should be made between you and your roommate prior to check out.

The following list of damages and repair costs have been provided to our office by partners in Facilities Management:

Damage Billing Estimates
 Description of Damage/Repair Needed:  Estimated Cost:
 Paint one wall  up to $150
 Paint room  up to $600
 Patch & paint holes  up to $350 per wall
 Remove excessive trash  up to $200
 Remove non-college furniture  up to $150 per item
 Replace small house/apartment interior door  up to $350 per door
 Replace traditional residence hall interior door  up to $700 per door
 Replace blinds  up to $70
 Replace roller shades  up to $55
 Replace padlock and hardware (basement/attic doors)  up to $80
 Replace an exit sign  up to $140
 Replace room mirror  up to $35
 Replace ceiling tiles  up to $40 per tile
 Remove trash/furniture from small house/apartment yards  starts at $150 and goes up
 Replace college furniture  starts at $250 and goes up
 Repair window  starts at $125 and goes up
 Replace window  starts at $250 and goes up
 Repair toilet  up to $250
 Replace toilet $250-$900
 Replace carpet  Average room $1000
 NOTE: Furniture and fixture charges are made at the replacement value

 NOTE:  This list is just guide.  Actual costs may be higher than what is shown depending on the item and the circumstance

 NOTE: Damage charges are not limited to the items on this list

Cleaning Room and Trash Removal
Do not wait until the last minute to pack and clean your room.  Garbage bags and other cleaning materials may be obtained on a limited basis from your building housekeeping staff or from Facilities by calling 245-1212 to assist you in this process. The following steps are suggested to clean your room prior to your check out appointment:

  • Remove all personal items – including rugs - from your room prior to your check out (make sure to check all desk and bureau drawers for overlooked items)
  • Sweep/vacuum floors; mopping where necessary
  • Lock all windows and pull down blinds to the first pane
  • Take all trash directly to the appropriate locations.  Do not leave trash in the hallways.  All rooms not properly cleaned may be assessed a room cleaning charge.  You may also be charged for sweeping trash into the hallways.

Note: Non-college furniture that is left behind will be removed by Facilities Management and the student account will be billed a moving fee. 

Other helpful information

If you rented a Microfridge, please be aware that the unit must be cleaned and ready for pick-up during the week of May 19.  Look for signs announcing the pick-up schedule in your hall.  If you need to make other arrangements for turning in your Microfridge, please contact the bookstore at x1887. 

Mail Delivery
Mail will begin to be forwarded to home addresses beginning on Monday, May 19.   If students wish to have mail forwarded to a different address, they need to contact ellermal@dickinson.edu. Only first class mail is forwarded; bulk rate will not be forwarded.  Packages delivered by the US post office will be forwarded; packages sent by private carriers cannot be forwarded and may be returned to sender.

Dining Hall Hours
Dining hall hours will slightly change as finals week approaches.  Please note the changes to serving hours.  Hours of operation are available through Dining Services website.

Bicycle Storage
Bike summer storage will be available the last week of classes (April 28 through May 2) between 9am and 4pm. Bring bike and student ID to the Center for Sustainability Education (Kaufman 190, near DPS) — the service is free of charge. Bikes will be stored securely in the basement of Kaufman for the summer, or can be stored for longer for students who are going abroad for the fall or whole year. Pick-up dates will be scheduled as early in the semester as possible (typically it's been the first week of classes). Email biking@dickinson.edu with any questions. Otherwise, don’t forget to take your bicycle with you.  Dickinson’s Department of Public Safety will impound all bicycles left behind.  Only bicycles registered with the Department of Public Safety can be claimed.