Student Academic Support Resources

Dickinson College offers a variety of academic support resources for all students enrolled at the college. Although the academic support system for a student with a disability is the same as the academic resources available for all students on campus, students with documented disabilities are especially encouraged to meet the Director of Learning Skills and Disability Services to discuss accommodations and learn how to access the array of services offered at the college.

Resources Available Through Academic Advising

Resources Available On Campus

An important resource for help in all aspects of writing is the Norman M. Eberly Writing Center. A place where Dickinson students can benefit from responsive and effective readers, plus many additional supports.

The Waidner - Spahr Library provides many specially designed resources for students with disabilities. Check out the LIS Disability Resources and Services page by clicking  here

Careers, Scholarships, and Networking for Students with Disabilities

Disabilities and Global Education

Two legislative mandates that govern disabilities in higher education within the United States are the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These mandates do not extend beyond U.S. borders. Students with disabilities who are planning to study abroad should consult with the Director of Learning Skills and Disability Services at Dickinson College to discuss their disability-related needs. It is especially important for students who use accommodations in the academic or living environment, and for students who are currently prescribed medications to consult with the Director.