Student Support Resources: Peer Advisors, Peer Tutoring, and Exceptional Student Mentors

Peer Tutoring: Students who are experiencing difficulty in a course and have consulted with their professors about support options should consider requesting a Peer Tutor.

Peer Advisors are available to help prepare students for their advising sessions with their faculty advisor, and answer questions about academic requirements, campus resources, and other issues related to the academic program.

Time Management Trainers, some of whom are Peer Advisors, are available by appointment for any student seeking support in how to manage time well to be academically successful by determining "what needs to be done when" and making efficient use of study time. The key is advanced planning.  Time Management Trainers can help students create a semester calendar, complete with all course exams and assignment due dates, devise a weekly study plan, and discuss effective study strategies.

Exceptional Mentors represent students with a variety of disabilities who have volunteered to provide guidance, feedback, recommendations, and 1st-hand experiences to fellow exceptional students with accommodations. They invite you to email them and ask any questions you may have and/or maybe just arrange a time to get a bite to eat together…This list of Exceptional Mentors (showing descriptors but no names) can give you and idea of the majors, the activities, and the areas of talents and . Interested students with exceptionalities who would like a copy complete with student names and contact information should email