Student Computing

At Dickinson, every student room on campus, and most off-campus College-owned housing, has access to ResNet, the student Residential Network. From ResNet, students can access the web, send and receive e-mail, create their own web pages, share files with other students, and access campus resources.

Network Storage (The Y: Drive)

All students have both private and shared storage (1GB) on the campus network that is secure and backed up every day. When connected to Dickinson's network on your personal computer (wired or wireless), you can access your network storage space provided by the College by following these walk through. When you're not on campus, you still have access to the Y: drive through NetFiles in Gateway.

Windows Computers

Windows 8Windows 7Vista or XP

Mac Computers

The Quick & Easy Way
We wrote a small program that will connect you directly to your network folder when you run it from any Mac on campus. You can put it on your own Mac, or on a USB flash drive to carry with you everywhere!

Manually Connecting to the Server
Follow these directions to go through the process of mapping your personal network folder on any Mac on campus.

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless at Dickinson College is now in available in all buildings on campus that are supplied with campus services. 

Wired Connectivity

Follow the link for your operating system:

Mac OS X
 Windows 8
Windows 7 & Vista
Windows XP

ResNet Services Annex (RSA)

The ResNet Services Annex (RSA) is located in the rear of the HUB Microroom. This service is for Dickinson College students only, and is provided free of charge. The RSA staff will help with installing and updating antivirus software, malware removal, network connectivity, and operating system issues. 

Policies You Need To Know

Responsible Use Policy
Virus Policy
Wireless Policy
Peer-to-Peer Info

Computing at Dickinson

Need advice on purchasing a new computer? We can help. 

Having problems?

Contact the Help Desk  by emailing