Selma K. Asbell Scholarship

The Selma K. Asbell Scholarship in French is endowed by Mr. Yale Asbell '78 in honor of his mother and "shall be awarded for one year to a rising junior, based upon overall scholastic performance and achievement in the study of French language and culture." The scholarship is presented to the recipient during the Pi Delta Phi induction ceremony.

Class of 2016  -  Olivia Calcaterra

Class of 2015  -  Kimberly Drexler

Class of 2014  -  Amy Rosenfeld

Class of 2013  -  Ellen Aldin

Class of 2012  -  Gabrielle Kushlan

Class of 2011  -  Anna-Lisa Noack

Class of 2010  -  Emma Bennett

Class of 2009  -  Sarah Casey

Class of 2008  -  Lauren McGowan

Class of 2007  -  Jeannie Kat Kramer

Class of 2006  -  Julie Younes

Class of 2005  -  Lindsay Todhunter

Class of 2004  -  Dana Larosa

Class of 2003  -  Hannah Chemerynski

Class of 2002  -  Andrea M. Schmidt