Fall 2017 Timeline

It is your responsibility to know this important information.

Important Dates

Advising Period

Use the Advising Period to learn more about the following items and to meet with your advisor to discuss your course selections for the upcoming semester.

  • Your Degree Audit: Available through the Dickinson Gateway by clicking on the Degree Works Button.
  • Alternate PINs: A MUST for incoming first-year and rising sophomore students.
  • Declaring or Changing Your Major: In order to have your new major count toward the priorities during the Course Request Period, you must submit the completed Major Declaration Form to the Registrar’s Office no later than Thursday, March 23.
  • Your Student Status: Make sure there's nothing that will prohibit you from entering your course requests. Learn how to find this on Banner Self-Service.
  • Course Offerings: You can search for classes on Banner Self-Service even without a Username & PIN or Alternate PIN.
  • Course Priorities should be reviewed to determine which majors and class years are given preference in registering.
  • Class Prerequisites/Restrictions: If the class you want has a prerequisite/restriction (find out where to look), but you believe you qualify for the course otherwise, contact the professor of the class to find out if you are eligible for a registration override.

Course Request Period

March 27 (9:00am) to March 29, 2017 (4:00pm)

Important: If you do not enter your requests by 4pm, March 29, you will not be able to select classes until the Schedule Adjustment Period. If you will not/do not have access to the internet to enter your course requests during the Course Request Period, contact the Registrar's Office (717-245-1315) prior to 4pm, March 29 and we will assist you.

  1. Go to Dickinson Gateway, log in, and click on the SSB Button.
  2. From the Student Main Menu, select Course Selection then Search for Classes. Enter your search criteria, including at least one Subject, and click Class Search.
  3. Place a checkmark in the box beside each of the classes you want to request and click Register. You may request up to 4.5 course credits and 2 phys.ed classes (learn how to add music performance studies classes). NOTE: At this point incoming first-year students and rising sophomores will be required to enter their Alternate PIN ("AP" followed by 4 digits) before continuing.
  4. Review your requests:  If they were entered correctly, your choices will show under Current Schedule with a status of “Course Requested.”  If you receive an error message, your choice will show under Registration Add Errors. Correct your request or select another class.
  5. Print a copy of your requests for your records.

You are responsible for confirming that the correct course requests have been entered before the end of the Course Request Period (Weds. March 29th by 4pm). They will show under Current Schedule with a status of “Course Requested” if entered correctly.

Independent Study/Research or Tutorial: If you are taking an Independent Study/Research or Tutorial, you cannot enter those requests on Banner Self-Service. Rather, you must submit the appropriate paperwork.

Course Request Processing

March 30 - April 24, 2017

In order for the Registrar’s Office to efficiently and accurately process course requests, unofficial transcripts and degree evaluations on Banner Self-Service will be unavailable during this time. During this time a process is run that assigns students to classes according to the priorities listed online. As a result, one of two things will happen:

  • If the course capacity is greater than the number of students who requested the class, then all of the students will be registered for the class.
  • If the number of students who requested the class is greater than the course capacity, then those students with the lowest priority will be dropped from the class. In this situation, if a class has no priorities or multiple students with equal priority, the system will randomly select students to drop from the class until the enrollment equals the course capacity.

Please plan accordingly, and be aware that student schedules are changing during this time so students may see courses temporarily appear on their schedules.

Schedule Adjustment Period

April 25 - July 13, 2017

Once the processing of course requests is complete, you will receive an e-mail message from the Registrar's Office letting you know that Banner Self-Service is open for Schedule Adjustment Period, which means you may:

NOTE: There are no waitlists in Banner. During this period you can add classes via the SSB Button of the Dickinson Gateway as seats become available.

Add/Drop Period

August 28 (12:01 a.m.) - September 3, 2017 (11:59 p.m.)

All of the following completed forms must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office no later than 4pm, Friday, September 1st.

You may continue to add and drop courses using the Banner Self-Service tab of the Dickinson Gateway through 11:59 p.m. EDT, Sunday, September 3.