What does the hold on my record mean?

Hold Explanations
Abroad Enrollment Form Needed Registrar Student has not submitted the Enrollment at Another Institution Form for coursework taken abroad Registration
Bad Debt Write Off Student Accounts Student/alum has overdue balance Registration, Transcript
Comptroller's Hold Student Accounts Student/alum has overdue balance Registration, Transcript
Discipline Case Pending Registrar Student who's transcript is held due to pending discipline case Transcript
External Bad Debt Write Off   Hold Student Accounts Employee/customer has overdue balance Registration, Transcript
External No Charging Hold Student Accounts Employee/customer not permitted to charge anything to his/her account  
First-Year Hold Registrar First-year and transfer students can't add/drop classes as this time Registration
Global Education Hold Global Ed Student needs to contact Global Educ office for more information Registration
Health Center Hold Health Center Student has outstanding paperwork for Health Center Registration
Student Health Insurance Student Accounts Student hasn't completed health insurance waiver or signed up for the College's insurance Registration
Loan Debt Hold Student Accounts Student/alum has defaulted on loan Registration, Transcript
Major Declaration Hold Registrar Student hasn't declared major Registration
No Charging Hold Student Accounts Student not permitted to charge anything to his/her account  
Non-matriculated Hold Registrar Certain non-matriculated students can't add/drop classes on Banner Self-Service Registration
Off Campus Hold Global Ed Student is registered to study abroad for upcoming term Registration
Return from Abroad Hold  Registrar Student is returning from abroad study before scheduled to return Registration
Registration Hold  Registrar Student is not permitted to add/drop classes for various reasons Registration
Registration Processing  Registrar Student can't add/drop or see schedule due to registration processing Registration, Transcript Grades, Degree Evaluation, Schedule
Student Accounts Hold  Student Accounts Student has a blanace on student account Registration, Transcript
Transcript Hold  Registrar Student/Alum not permitted to receive offical transcript for various reasons Transcript
Upperclass Hold  Registrar Upperclass students can't add/drop classes at this time Registration




 *NOTE:  These are the actions prohibited by the hold:

  • Registration - making any changes to classes during the Course Request, Schedule Adjustment, and Add/Drop periods
  • Transcript - printing of official transcript by the Registrar's Office and student's ability to view transcript on Banner Self-Service - advisors can still view advisee's transcript on Banner Self-Service
  • Degree Evaluation - student's ability to view a degree audit on Banner Self-Service - advisors can still view advisee's degree audit on Banner Self-Service
  • Schedule - student's ability to view their schedule of classes on Banner Self-Service

What are registration overrides?

Registration overrides are codes that a professor can put on your record via Banner Self-Service that will permit you to enter a specific class online for which you would not normally be eligible. These codes DO NOT register you for the class. Rather, once on your record, they permit you to request the class via Banner Self-Service.

Registration overrides can be used for prerequisites, corequisites, major/class restrictions and permission of the instructor restrictions, just to name a few.

Where do I find registration overrides on my record?

Registration overrides can be found on the Student Status screen on Banner Self-Service.

Does a registration override on my record indicate that I am registered for the class?

NO. A registration override just means that you are no longer prohibited from adding the class on Banner Self-Service due to the restriction indicated. Once the override is on your record, you still need to log onto Banner Self-Service and add the class to your schedule.

Does a registration override guarantee that I can get into the class?

Not necessarily. If the only restriction that kept you from getting into the class is overridden, then you should be able to get into the class. However, if there are multiple restrictions on a class and only one is overridden, then you may not be able to get into the class.

For example, if you are a junior and have a class restriction override on your record for a senior-only class which is filled to capacity, you will be able to override the class restriction, but you will not be able to register for the class until a seat becomes available.

I've been given a Capacity Override, why can't I register for the class?

When you are given a Capacity Override for a class, you have to register for the class using the Add or Drop Classes link on Banner Self-Service, not the Search for Classes link. The reason is that the Search for Classes link will still show the course as Closed, instead of listing an open checkbox beside the class for you to check and register.

So what you need to do is log into Banner and, from the Course Selection menu, click on the Add or Drop Classes link. At the bottom of that screen there will be several boxes. You should enter the CRN of the class (the 4-digit number assigned to classes in Banner) in one of the boxes and click the Submit Changes button. This should add the class to your schedule.

What is an alternate PIN? Do I need one? Where do I get one?

An Alternate PIN is a system-generated random 4-digit number preceded by "AP" that must be entered for all first-year students and sophomores to select classes. This Alternate PIN can be obtained from your advisor each semester prior to the Course Request Period.

Why do only first-year students and sophomores need an Alternate PIN?

Faculty advisors are an important part of the Dickinson education. To strengthen this relationship, students in their first and second years at Dickinson are required to have an advising session with their faculty advisor each semester to discuss their academic plan. This advising session offers opportunities to consider multiple issues, including academic major, study abroad programs, exploring possible internships and other related academic planning.