Fall Final Exam Schedule

Fall 2021

For Policies Regarding Examinations please see bottom of the page.
Final Examinations will be held according to the class meeting times in the table below.
Class times not listed below will be scheduled by the instructor according to the Policies Regarding Examinations.

NOTE: Final examinations are not rescheduled to accommodate travel plans.  If you must make travel arrangements before the examination schedule is published, do not expect to leave until after finals.

STUDENTS:  it is your responsibility to report any conflicts to your professor(s) immediately.

Residence Halls close at Noon on Sunday, December 19, 2021 for all students.

9:00 AM TO 12:00 PM
2:00 PM TO 5:00 PM
 Saturday, December 11  Reading Day
 Sunday, December 12  Reading Day
 Monday, December 13

8:30 MWF
8:30 MTWRF
9:00 MWF

9:00 TR
9:30 TR
 Tuesday, December 14

9:00 MW
9:30 MWF
9:30 MTWRF
9:30 MW
9:30 MTWR
9:30 MWRF

12:30 MWF
 Wednesday, December 15  

10:30 MWF
10:30 MTWRF
10:30 MW
10:30 MTWR

10:30 TR
10:30 MR

 Thursday, December 16 11:30 MWF
11:30 W

1:30 MR
1:30 MWF
1:30 MTWRF
1:30 R
1:30 TR

 Friday, December 17 3:00 MR
1:30 M
3:00 M
1:30 MF
3:00 MW
3:30 MW
1:30 TF
1:00 F
Saturday, December 18 3:00 TF
1:30 T
2:30 T
3:00 TR
3:30 TR
1:30 W
1:30 MW
2:30 W
1:30 MW
1:30 TWF

Note:  Additional reading/final exam days may be added if evening class times are needed.


  • All proctored final examinations (with the exception of laboratory examinations) will be given in the examination period at the time scheduled for the course by the Registrar's Office.  Final exams are given in three-hour blocks and students will be allotted the full amount of time to complete the exam.
  • When a final examination must be given at a time other than in the regularly scheduled period, the instructor of the course must reschedule the examination in consultation with the Registrar's Office.  The scheduling of such examinations must not force a student to take three examinations within 24 hours. Examinations added to the regular schedule may not take precedence over regularly scheduled examinations.
  • No final tests or examinations (with the exception of laboratory finals) will be given in the last five class days of the semester or during the reading period. Tests that are part of the regular semester schedule, but which are not final examinations, may be scheduled during the last five class days, but not on reading days.
  • When a final examination is given as a "take-home" examination, it must be due at the time of the scheduled final examination for that course.
  • When a final paper is assigned in lieu of an examination, it must be due at the time of the scheduled final examination for that course.  During spring semester, in those classes with second semester seniors enrolled, final papers in lieu of in-class exams, may be due the Friday before senior grades are due or at the time of the scheduled final exam, whichever comes first.
  • Questions about these policies can be directed to the Registrar's Office or to the Dean of the College.

*As stated in the Academic Handbook 6-3.