Submitting Requests to APSC


All APSC related matters should be submitted electronically to Please do not send as PDF! The Senior Associate Provost (Brenda Bretz) will act as the liaison between APSC and the department submitting the request.

To give all proposals and information full attention, the committee members need at least one (1) week to review.  After review, the committee will often raise questions and invite appropriate individuals to meet with the committee to discuss.  This means that any given item may take several weeks of consideration on the agenda before a final resolution is reached.  Please plan accordingly.

Submit proposal for curricular or policy change - Monday, week one
On agenda for consideration; questions formulated - week 2 (at the earliest, depending on the length of the agenda)
Representative of the department meets with committee - week following discussion

Drafts of all requests should be sent as email attachments to Brenda Bretz for feedback. 

Requests in final form should be sent to APSC for consideration as Word documents (or Excel when data is provided).  Please do not send as PDF!

All new course proposals must be submitted electronically on the new course proposal form. Proposals for Spring are due Sept. 1.  Proposals for Fall are due Feb. 1.

All new course proposals require advance approval by the participating departments and programs and must be submitted to APSC by the department chair on behalf of the department. 

Proposals for courses to satisfy the Global Diversity requirement should be submitted to Ann Hill

Proposals for courses to satisfy the U.S. Diversity requirement should be submitted to Karen Weikel

Criteria for courses to satisfy the Quantitative Reasoning (QR) requirement can be found here.  Proposals should be submitted to Karen Weikel.

Proposals for courses to satisfy the Writing in the Discipline requirement (WID) should be submitted to Noreen Lape, Director of the Writing Program.  See the Writing Program website for additional information.

These are guidelines for submitting curriculum requests regarding the following: title changes, description changes, course number changes, and one-time only courses to become permanent offerings.  

Proposals for new or changes to existing majors/minors or certificate programs should be submitted using the proper form.  When considering a minor or certificate program, please review the faculty approved criteria.