Enrollment Reports

To download files in Chrome, right click on the link and select either "open in new tab" or " save link as."  If Edge, Firefox or Safari are used, it is only necessary to click on the semester link for downloading.

These reports each have three tabs at the bottom of the worksheets - one for the complete enrollment listing, the second for cross-listed courses, and the third for the schedule. If you do not see the enrollments when you open the file, please click on the correct tab.  NOTE:  If the course enrollment is "zero" in columns labeled "Benchmark," "After FY Reg," or "Add/Drop," this indicates cancellation of the course.  

The information in these reports is now able to be queried through CLIQ.  Under Registrar in the Menu, click on Enrollment Data. 

  • The Fields drop-down allows you to select the fields (ie. columns from the Excel reports mentioned above) you’d like to see on the output. (Explanation of Fields)
  • The Terms drop-down allows you to select which terms’ data you wish to include.
  • The Subjects drop-down allows you to select which subjects’ data you wish to include.

Once the output appears on the screen, you can export it to Excel using Export to Excel icon just above the first column of data.

If you’re looking for information about semester enrollments by class year/gender/abroad, citizenship/ethnicity, residency, majors/certificates or Latin Honors, refer to the Registrar’s Reports page.  

Fall 2022 enrollment report Spring 2022 enrollment report
Fall 2021 enrollment report Spring 2021 enrollment report
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Fall 2018 enrollment report Spring 2018 enrollment report
Fall 2017 enrollment report Spring 2017 enrollment report
Fall 2016 enrollment report Spring 2016 enrollment report
Fall 2015 enrollment report Spring 2015 enrollment report
Fall 2014 enrollment report Spring 2014 enrollment report
Fall 2013 enrollment report Spring 2013 enrollment report