APSC Deadlines

To give all proposals and information full attention, the committee members need at least one (1) week to review. After review, the committee will often raise questions and invite appropriate individuals to meet with the committee to discuss. This means that any given item may take several weeks of consideration on the agenda before a final resolution is reached. Please plan accordingly.

Monday, week 1: Submit proposal for curricular or policy change.
Monday, week 2 (at the earliest; depending on length of agenda): On agenda for consideration; questions formulated
Week following discussion:  Representative of department meets with committee (if necessary)


September 1:

New courses, including one-time only courses (for the following Spring semester)

  • To go to the October faculty meeting

September 7:

Reauthorization of tenure-track positions (for those that were not foreseen in April)

  • For the following academic year

September 14:

Deadline for submission of new summer study abroad courses/programs for Summer 2023 to GEAC 


January 16:

Major curricular changes for the following academic year, including changes to majors, new majors, new centers, new programs

  • To go to the March faculty meeting

January 20:

  • Deadline for submission of First-year seminar proposals for Fall 2023 to Noreen Lape

February 1: 

  • New courses, including one-time only courses (for the following Fall semester)
  • To go to the March faculty meeting

April 14:

  • Reauthorization of tenure track positions (retirements, non-renewals)
  • Requests for new positions, if new lines are available
  • For the academic year after the next