APSC Subcommittee Responsibilities

Subcommittee on Academic Standards
a. Composed of faculty and students appointed by the APSC to consider student petitions for approval and adjudicate special cases involving academic issues, including exceptions to academic policies and deadlines, readmission of students previously  required to withdraw for academic reasons, and retention of students who have fallen short of established standards
b. Meets on an as-needed basis when classes are in session to review petitions and in special meetings at the end of each semester and the summer session to make decisions regarding student academic standing at the college

Subcommittee on Writing
a. Advises Writing Program Director on various aspects of the writing program
b. Reviews the director's assessment reports twice a year prior to submission to APSC

The Service Learning Subcommittee
a. Reviews and comments on faculty applications to the annual Service-Learning/Community-Based Research Summer Study Group (optional for APSC liaisons who do not have prior SL/CBR experience)
b. Advises Gary Kirk, Executive Director of the Center for Civic Learning & Action on matters relating to SL/CBR as needed
c. The Subcommittee is generally able to accomplish these functions via email correspondence

Global Education Advisory Committee
a. Advises the Executive Director of the Center for Global Study & Engagement on all aspects of global education programming
b. Meets three times per semester

a. To serve in an advisory capacity to library administration
b. Provide guidance on topics such as the library's annual budget allocation; inform library planning with faculty perspectives; and serve as advocate for library initiatives
c. Meets monthly, with library director and, as appropriate for topics to be considered, other library administrators

Trout Gallery
a. Advises the Gallery on all aspects of its operations
b. Decision-making body for acquisitions and collections

Learning Outcomes Working Group
a. Coordinate the multiple activities (departments, divisions, Writing Program, the Center for Global Study & Engagement, the Center for Sustainability Education, etc.) in assessment of student learning, ensuring a flexible, consistent, and sustainable approach,
b. Communicate the College's philosophy of assessment to the Dickinson community,
c. Oversee professional development activities for faculty and staff regarding assessment including consultants, workshops, and study groups,
d. Review findings for deliberation and needed actions; this to include an annual assessment summary, and
e. Share findings and resultant changes with the broader College community.

Membership on the Working Group includes:
Provost, co-chair
The two Senior Associate Provosts of Academic Affairs, one of whom is co-chair
Associate Provost of Academic Affairs and Director of the Writing Program
Director of Institutional Research
Director of Library Services
(Student Development representative)
3 faculty volunteers (one from each division) (There is no requirement that one of these faculty members be a current member of APSC)
2 student volunteers