It’s a very different world from when Dickinson was chartered, but the core beliefs on which we were founded still hold true today.

Our distinct characteristics of independence, inquiry and engagement are rooted in a practical, real-world approach to the liberal arts. Grounded in the arts and sciences, a Dickinson liberal-arts education gives our students a deeper understanding of how the world works.

Whether they pursue a career as a teacher, lawyer, researcher, CEO or curator, graduates leave ready to make significant contributions in an ever-changing world.


Read excerpts from resources like USA Today, The ?New York Times and more arguing the merits of the liberal arts. It also includes information about top global leaders who earned degrees from liberal-arts institutions and data supporting the benefits of broad education versus specialized.


All liberal-arts institutions are not created equal. What makes Dickinson different? The successes of our students, faculty and alumni are highlighted to provide examples of the many ways a Dickinson education works.