Power of Perseverance

Henry Booth '25

Student Snapshot: Henry Booth ’25

When injuries shortened his college football career, Henry Booth ’25 found a new way to contribute to the team. As student film coordinator for Red Devils football, he films practices and then edits the footage into more easily accessible segments that help players see how to improve their game. Below, Booth discusses his road to Dickinson, what he loves about his double major and the high-skill internship that provided a deep sense of meaning along with a chance to sharpen critical skills. He also gives advice to younger students facing roadblocks and adversity.


Easton, Md.


Political science and history.

Clubs and organizations:   

House Divided Studio and Dickinson College football (film coordinator).


Dean's List.

Best thing about my Dickinson experience: 

The friends I’ve made with my former teammates and my classmates. The relationships I have with them have made my college experience amazing.  

Favorite book:

The Killer Angels by Jeff Shaara.

Best thing about my major:  

I like that both my history and political science majors use similar skillsets and are somewhat related. The content in American history and American government classes overlap somewhat regularly, and I like being able to see the connections between the courses. The professors in both of the majors make the classes engaging, interesting and challenging.  

Favorite place on campus:

Either the Kline Fitness Center or the classrooms in Althouse. 

On choosing Dickinson:  

I was looking to play college football. I prayed a lot about the decision and felt like God was calling me here. Even though I don't play football anymore, I have enjoyed my time here so far, and I think the world of this place.  

Favorite class:

Religion & American Politics (POSC 221), because of the quality discussions over the role of religion in America’s political climate and the impact it has on our society. 

Proudest accomplishment so far:  

Getting to play college football. I only played for a short time, and had a ton of bad luck with injuries, but to make it as far as I did is something I’m still incredibly proud of.  

Favorite professor:  

Tough question. I would say either Professor of History Matthew Pinsker, because he consistently challenges me to do better, or Associate Professor of Political Science David O’Connell, because of the energy he brings and the interesting yet challenging assignments he provides. Both are awesome professors, and it would be impossible for me to pick just one.  

If I could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, it would be …  

Marv Levy or John Madden (easily two of my favorite football coaches ever). 

About my internship:

As an intern with the House Divided Project, I worked in the House Divided Studio and helped with the Slave Stampedes project. I was drawn to the idea of helping with a wider project that will help to get the stories of countless enslaved people and freedom seekers into the public eye, allowing those stories to be more accessible and well-known for future generations. Overall, I've learned how to be a better writer, manage my time well and work better with others in a team environment.   

I’m also the film coordinator for Dickinson’s football team. I was interested in still helping the football team despite my inability to play anymore, so I was asked to film practices and then edit the film into segments. This allows the coaches and players to more easily access the film, and it allows the staff to focus on coaching, rather than on cutting film, which is time-consuming.  

Most important thing I’ve learned so far:  

Manage your time. And: You can outwork any deficiencies or limitations.  

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Published January 16, 2024