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Podcast: Career Development at Dickinson

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Hear about Dickinson’s unique approach to career development that starts before students even set foot on campus. We’ll explore the strength of Dickinson’s alumni network and hear career launch stories from a current student and a recent graduate.

Plus, Puzzlemaster and Associate Professor of Mathematics Jeff Forrester reveals the answer to last episode’s question and gears up for a bicycle race in his latest puzzle, and President Margee Ensign shares information on the college’s Commencement plans.



Career Development at Dickinson

We explore the work of the Advising, Internships & Career Center  and how Dickinson’s unique approach is intentional, academic and tailored to our students.

Puzzler: “These Bikers Ain’t Pikers”

“This episode’s puzzler returns to my comfort zone, at least intellectually,” says Mathematics Prof. Jeff Forrester. “My departmental colleagues, Professor Barry Tesman and Professor Dave Richeson, both have a lot more experience biking than I have. Barry still loves to ride on sunny afternoons and on the weekends, while Professor Richeson once biked across the country. So when Barry challenged us to a 50-mile race this weekend, I almost laughed at the absurdity of it. Seeing my reaction, Dave suggested that he complete the entire 50 miles himself, while Barry and I each ride half the distance and then combine our times ‘to keep it interesting.’ So, if Barry rides four times as fast as I do while I ride half as fast as Dave, who will win the race?”

Listen to the new question at the 3:20 mark. Email your answer to for a chance to win some Dickinson swag!

President Margee Ensign

President Ensign discusses plans for a modified Commencement focused on safety and tradition.

The Good is produced by Craig Layne and Christine Baksi in association with Dickinson College's Office of Marketing & Communications. Craig Layne is the host. The podcast's theme music was composed by Jong Ho Choi '18

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Published April 27, 2021