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Podcast: Orioles Broadcasters Brett Hollander ’07 and Geoff Arnold ’10

Photo of Geoff Arnold and Brett Hollander inside the Orioles broadcasting booth.

Geoff Arnold '10 (L) and Brett Hollander '07. Photo by Kevin Reid.


We chat with Dickinson alumni and Baltimore Orioles baseball broadcasters Brett Hollander ’07 and Geoff Arnold ’10, who share tales of their journey from calling Red Devils games on WDCV to the big leagues. Associate Professor of Mathematics Jeff Forrester reveals the answer to last episode’s puzzler and has a new question involving academic integrity. And President Margee Ensign updates us on Dickinson’s 2021 plans and discusses the college’s recent sustainability accolades, including an EPA grant for the College Farm.



Orioles Broadcasters Brett Hollander ’07 and Geoff Arnold ’10

Brett Hollander knew he wanted a career calling Orioles games when he was eight years old. Geoff Arnold saw sportscasting as a viable career after first getting on the air at Dickinson. The political science majors are now on the same broadcasting team, and they tell us how their Dickinson experience helped get them to the top of their profession.

The Puzzler: “You’re Messing with the Wrong Professor”

One of Associate Professor of Philosophy Chauncey Maher’s favorite classes to teach is Intermediate Logic. So, when he discovered that a group of his students had cheated on their final exam, you could only imagine his disappointment. The class had been broken up into teams of four, and Professor Maher had discovered that one member from the team, Kate, Jim, Bill and Aubrey, had used the internet to answer a question. He confronted them: “Which one of you searched for the answer on the internet?” Kate replied, “Bill searched on the internet.” Jim replied, “Aubrey didn’t search on the internet.”  Bill said, “Aubrey was outside with Kate when the search occurred.” Finally, Aubrey said, “Bill didn’t search on the internet.” Professor Maher returned to his office and pondered this exchange. After careful consideration, he determined all the students were lying except for one. Here’s your question: based on this information and the student’s statements above, who searched for the answer on the internet? Disclaimer: This scenario is fictitious.

Listen to the new question at the 2:49 mark below.

Email your answer to by Nov. 9, 2020, for a chance to win some Dickinson swag!

President Margee Ensign

President Ensign gives us an update on the college’s plans for the spring 2021 semester and discusses recent sustainability recognitions, including the College Farm’s EPA grant to support its bio-digester project.

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Published October 19, 2020