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Dickinson College in the News, June/July 2018

Dickinson Archway

Photo by Carl Socolow '77

Groundbreaking research by Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences Alyson Thibodeau—who used geochemical analysis to overturn more than a century of thought about the source of turquoise used by ancient civilizations in Mesoamerica—was featured in The New York Times’ science section and on The New York Times website. Thibodeau’s work also was featured in Smithsonian Magazine, Archaeology Magazine, Ars Technica, Medium and more than a dozen international news outlets.  


  • Professor of Psychology Marie Helweg-Larsen discussed the psychology of human behavior in queues—the focus of her previous research involving lines at a U2 concert—for a video feature by The Guardian
  • National Geographic spoke to Associate Professor of Biology Scott Boback for a story on a rare python attack in Indonesia
  • Associate Professor of East Asian Studies Shawn Bender was interviewed by OZY for a story on the growing numbers of Japanese youth moving from urban to rural areas. 
  • WGN-TV Chicago reported on new research findings by Associate Professor of Psychology Anthony Rauhut and Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology Meredith Curran-Rauhut involving the study of the female hormone estradiol in mice and its link to increased anxiety during methamphetamine withdrawal. 
  • Professor of Asian Law and Society Neil Diamant discussed skepticism among Chinese Army veterans of a new Ministry of Veterans Affairs for a story in The New York Times
  • The appointment of Vice President for Student Life George Stroud was announced in The Chronicle of Higher Education and in The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education
  • The cleantech-focused website Clean Technica reported on Dickinson’s new 12-acre Tesla Solar Farm.


Published July 13, 2018