Sessions during the 2014 Volunteer Leadership Summit were videotaped so those unable to join us in Carlisle that day have a chance to view the sessions and benefit from the training offered.

Building A Dickinson Regional Presence (13:51)
Discover ways to work with fellow Dickinsonians to create or enhance regional programs in your area. No matter where you are in the world, we can help you gather Dickinsonians together.

Building Community: The Class of 2018 and Beyond (1:15:24)
Updates from Admissions on the class of 2018 and learn about some of the opportunities and challenges in recruiting the best and brightest students to join the Dickinson community.

DAVS Forum (1:27:52)
Current and prospective DAVS members asked admissions representatives questions and discuss areas of interest and concern. Topics of interest submitted by participants prior to the summit were addressed. Examples were provided of what admissions finds most helpful in feedback from interviews, college fairs, DAVS-to-Parent conversations, etc.

Growing DAVS: What We Do as Volunteers (1:35:15)
Admissions representatives and DAVS members discuss how DAVS contributions (outreach, myDAVS, fairs, interviews, DAVS-to-Parent, etc.) blend with each admissions cycle.

Social Dickinson (1:13:34)
Are you active on social media? This will help you understand how to be a better social ambassador for Dickinson. Learn how you can get involved and how social media is helping the college to better engage our community.

What Takes One Hour a Month and Has an Impact Every Day? (34:44)
Being a Devils' Advocate! The transformational education offered at Dickinson is worthy of support. Devils' Advocates (formerly known as Class Agents) educate classmates about opportunities for giving. Learn quick and fun ways to recruit and retain donors along with real outcomes of this important effort.

You Too Can Be a Mentor (1:18:13)
Learn how you can help the newest members of our community transition into college and teach them what it means to be a Dickinsonian. This video will help prepare you for a mentoring role and introduce you to the first-year interest groups concept. Hear about the dynamics of the Class of 2018, what it means to be a new college student today, and the many resources on campus that will help you be the best possible mentor to our new students.

Your Next Reunion (54:01)
Whether you are planning your first reunion or your 50th, this session will help you make the most of this milestone event - from connecting with your classmates to maximizing your time on campus to benefiting today's Dickinsonians.