However you choose to get involved—whether it’s sharing ideas for regional programs, encouraging friends to support the Dickinson Fund, helping to thank other alumni for their gifts, or serving as a reunion volunteer—you’ll become an ambassador for Dickinson and set a great example for future Dickinsonians to follow.

There are many ways to engage with the Dickinson community. The opportunities to help are limitless and no act of volunteering is too small. Every effort you make here makes a big difference toward helping Dickinson.

Alumni Council
The Alumni Council is an advisory board made up of Dickinson alumni and three student representatives. This body advises the president of the college, as well as other members of the senior staff, on matters pertaining to the college in general as well as specific alumni issues. The council serves as a voice for alumni and a mechanism through which all Dickinson alumni can have their opinions heard.

Devils’ Advocate Program
The Devils’ Advocate program offers you the opportunity to work with other passionate and connected Dickinsonians to advocate for the Dickinson Fund and the life-changing opportunities that it makes possible

Devils’ Advocates honor the 232-year legacy of alumni support that shaped their college experience while paving the way for future Dickinsonians to build their own Red Devil pride. Devils’ Advocates are provided the tools and training needed to reach out to 10-12 friends and classmates each year by phone, email, note or text message to accomplish three goals:


  1. Thank them for giving back.
  2. Encourage them to express their Dickinson pride by making their annual gift.
  3. Join them in celebrating the inspiring accomplishments of our faculty, students and alumni.


Devils’ Advocates are not responsible for “closing” gifts or raising x amount of dollars: rather, their responsibility is to encourage participation in the Dickinson Fund and thank friends who give. Every gift matters: alumni support at any level is a vote of confidence in the present and future of your alma mater. 

Alumni Mentors

The First-Year Mentor program was created to ensure that our new students have a positive transition to life at Dickinson. Studies show that students with a supportive peer group have the best chance at success and retention in college, so each first-year student will be in a First-Year Interest Group and have an upper class student, a college employee and an alumni mentor working with them to build a small, nurturing community. Alumni Mentors can write/email periodically, send care packages and come to campus as able to develop these relationships. Alumni Mentors are expected to serve a term of one academic year, with the option of renewing for additional terms if desired.