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Alumni Weekend: Striving for Zero Waste

Carbon Neutrality

Dickinson has met the challenge set forth in its Climate Action Plan and is now officially carbon neutral. This means all of the activities included in the college’s carbon footprint—such as heating and cooling the campus, use of vehicles and air travel—will add zero net emissions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. The achievement makes Dickinson one of just a few carbon-neutral college’s in the nation.

How can you join in?

During your visit to campus for Alumni Weekend, you can help in Dickinson’s carbon neutral efforts by:

  • purchasing carbon offsets for your travel to campus (visit for more information)
  • using a reusable water bottle while you’re on campus
  • disposing of paper, cardboard, plastics, glass and metals in all recycling receptacles while you’re on campus.

To learn more about carbon neutrality and Dickinson’s efforts to fight climate change, visit

Thank you in advance!

Bike Racks

Dickinson has invested in many bike racks across campus to provide convenient and safe bike parking for all. We encourage you to bring your bike with you for a wonderful weekend here in Carlisle

To learn more about sustainability efforts at Dickinson, click here.