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Registration for the 2023 Spring Into Fitness Challenge is NOW open!
The 2023 Challenge will begin on Sunday, March 19 and continue through Saturday, April 29.

This campus-wide Challenge is open to all students, staff and faculty! Activities and programs are planned for each week, with special programs highlighting areas within the campus and throughout Carlisle. We look forward to sharing information and activities for this year's Challenge on the Mini-Teams webpage. Updates will be shared on this webpage and through Dickinson Today announcements, Vitality, Twitter @DickinsonHR.

Participation for the 2023 Challenge will be reported online via the Fizikaflex app for total exercise minutes and other healthy behaviors each week during the six week challenge period!

Want a simple form to record you exercise minutes daily to tally your fitness for each week? Watch for a form link to be added soon this spring...

REGISTER NOW to have fun this spring!

Who will claim the Golden Sneaker Trophy for 2023?

golden sneaker trophy

The 2022 Spring Into Fitness Challenge divisional winner was Finance & Administration!
Click to view results for our 2022 in a PowerPoint show!


2022 spring into fitness challenge outcome


The 2021 Spring Into Fitness Challenge participants reported their activity through Fizikaflex!
The results were tabulated automatically through Fizikaflex, a web-based app designed to promote healthy behaviors and inspire fitness through team challenges,
through the generosity of alum Martha Harris '77, CEO of the Fizika Group.

Fizikaflex fitness app

2020 Spring Into Fitness Challenge Outcomes

The 2020 Spring Into Fitness Challenge was a unique program, due to the COVID-19 complications and remote working for our community. One new event we offered was the Walking Alphabet Challenge that ran from March 31 and ran through April 25. From the participants photos submitted (and with a few graphics from Pixabay where needed to fill the missing items) we completed this fun alphabet challenge and created a pdf from the photos just for fun! (This may eventually be updated as a PowerPoint booklet with voiceover.)


For more information on the college's employee wellness program or fitness challenges, please send an email to devwell@dickinson.edu!