Staff Members

For questions related to specific human resource processes, please click the email links below to contact Human Resource Services or Payroll staff members:

For general Human Resource Services questions, please send an email to

Debra Hargrove
Vice President of Human Resource Services
Phone: 717.245.1503 
Office: 55 N West St

Debra is responsible for developing and managing all programs and policies pertaining to Human Resources, including training and development, organizational development, recruitment and employment, performance management, employee relations, compensation and benefits, HRIS and workers compensation. She also develops, manages, and coordinates the department’s professional development and employee wellness programs, and partners with other campus divisions in areas including staff and team development, and performance management. She is the president’s staff liaison for the Staff Forum and the Directors Group.

Dennette Moul
Director of Human Resource Services
Phone: 717.245.1026
Office: 55 N West St

Dennette is responsible for planning, project coordination and efficient operations to meet current and future business needs within HR Services and the organization. She oversees the employment process, job opportunities, health benefits, HRIS, leaves of absence, disability, and retirement. She works collaboratively with department leadership on employee relations, performance management, progressive counseling and conflict resolution. She works with college staff, applicants and vendors to ensure consistent definition and delivery of services. Contact Dennette for inquiries relating to retirement benefits, staffing recruitment, and questions related to paid and unpaid medical leaves.

Michelle Spencer
HR Data Manager and Systems Administrator
Phone: 717.245.1504
Office: 55 N West St

Michelle administers and maintains the Human Resource Information Systems (SCT Banner) with employee information, and develops ad-hoc inquiries and data extracts. She prepares the payrolls. Michelle's other responsibilities include processing unemployment claims; HR Services web page development; overseeing the homebuyer program; processing administrative relocation reimbursements; assisting with H visas and foreign visitors; and wage and salary benefit surveys.  Contact Michelle with questions relating to the Banner employee information/payroll system, or the homebuyer program and administrative relocation reimbursements.

Bernadette Pham
Assistant Director of Benefits
Phone: 717.245.1042
Office: 55 N West St

Bernadette coordinates employee benefits, including our health/dental/vision insurance plans, COBRA, and Health Advocate. She is the tuition program liaison officer, overseeing the Tuition Remission, Tuition Assistance, and Tuition Exchange programs. Her other areas of responsibility include Worker's Compensation and Workplace Safety. She serves as a member of the Workplace Safety Advisory Committee. She presents information on employee benefits during regular sessions of the Navigating Dickinson Orientation program for new hires and assists with numerous wellness initiatives. Contact Bernadette for questions relating to employee benefits, tuition benefits, COBRA, and Worker's Compensation.

Heather Dunn
Assistant Director of Student Employment/Resource Analyst
Phone: 717.254.8949
Office: 55 N West St

Heather manages all aspects of the student employment program.  She oversees the employment process, including job postings, paperwork and onboarding, and student employment policies and procedures.  She coordinates all non-resident alien students who are working on campus with J1 or F1 Visa status.  Heather also administers the federal, state, and institutional college work-study programs both on and off-campus and monitors Federal Work Study regulations.  She coordinates National Student Employment Week and the Student Employee and Supervisor of the Year Programs.  She controls the campus wide student employment budget and budget process.   Contact Heather with any student employment related questions at

Jeanette Diamond
Wellness & Staff Development Coordinator
Phone: 717.254.8084
Office: 55 N West St

Jeanette is responsible for the design, management and coordination of the Wellness@Dickinson program for employees. She also supports continuous learning on campus through the creation and implementation of staff development programming. Jeanette facilitates the employee recognition committee and coordinates various annual recognition events including the New Year Social, the Recognition Brunch, the Summer Picnic and the Seniors of Old Bellaire dinner. Jeanette’s other responsibilities include HR Services website design and maintenance, coordination of HR Services communications, and facilitation of the Navigating Dickinson Orientation program for new hires. Contact Jeanette for inquiries relating to employee wellness and staff development programs, cpr/first aid training sessions, employee recognition events, HR Services print/email communications, or the Navigating Dickinson Orientation program.

Denise Eichelberger
Human Resource Assistant
Phone:  717.245.1608
Office:  55 N West St 

Denise assists with staff recruitment, performance appraisal processes, job postings, family and medical leaves of absence, billing, processing employment verifications, background checks and onboarding of new employees. She is often the first contact for additional information regarding existing policies and procedures. Contact Denise for inquiries regarding new or vacant positions, information regarding existing policies and procedures, the continuing education benefit for non-exempt staff members, performance appraisals, the retirement program, family and medical leaves of absence, and the Medigap and Emeriti programs.

Carol Shaffer
Administrative Assistant, Human Resource Services
Phone: 717.245.1152
Office: 55 N West St

Carol welcomes and assists all visitors to the Human Resource Services department serving as the main receptionist. She provides administrative assistance with the performance appraisal process, position description maintenance and registration for professional development, wellness and employee recognition events. Carol also assists with department publications such as Vitality. Please contact Carol with general questions regarding introductory and annual performance appraisals, when requesting a copy of a position description, Totara registration questions, and announcements/content for publication consideration in Vitality and other HRS communications.

Employees of the college are invited to visit and access the internal Gateway Directory for more information.