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Waitlist - Frequently Asked Questions

Waitlist FAQ

Students placed on Dickinson's waitlist demonstrate intellectual and academic promise, but we simply do not have room in the class for everyone. Students are not offered a place on the waitlist unless the Admissions Committee is confident that they are capable of academic success at Dickinson should space become available.

Q. How many students are offered positions from the waitlist each year?
A. In recent years, Dickinson has admitted some students from the waitlist, but that number fluctuates. Last year we admitted 32 students from the waitlist. In April, we carefully monitor enrollment deposits, and the number of positions we have available will depend on this tracking to inform our decision about if/when we can move to the waitlist.

Q. How many students are on the waitlist?
A. This number will vary from year to year, but approximately 600 students were provided a waitlist offer this year. Please understand that while we send waitlist letters to numerous students, when we actually move to use the waitlist we first consider students who have indicated that they would like to remain on the waitlist. This number will be significantly lower than the actual number of waitlist offers we extend.

Q. Is the waitlist ranked?
A. No. As noted above, demonstrated student interest is an important way waitlisted students can advocate for themselves.

Q. What should a waitlisted student do to strengthen his/her position on the waitlist?
A. There are several steps you can take:

  • Be sure to complete the online “waitlist reply” form. This will indicate that you would like to remain active.
  • Contact your regional counselor and reiterate interest/fit.
  • Submit additional letter of interest or supporting materials to your regional counselor.

Q. When will students be notified of their status?
A. We may go to the waitlist as early as mid-April. However, there is also the possibility that we won’t know if we can go to the waitlist until a later date (after May 1). It is important that you have placed an enrollment deposit with another college by the May 1 Candidates Reply Date. While the enrollment deposit is often nonrefundable, it is important that you secure a place for the fall should the opportunity for admission from Dickinson’s waitlist not become available.

Q. Can waitlisted students come to campus for an interview?
A. If a campus visit will help you assess whether you want to remain active on our waitlist, you may do so. When possible, a brief conversation may be scheduled with an admissions counselor to address questions and allow for student advocacy.

Q. Will waitlisted students be offered financial aid?
A. If we offer you acceptance from the waitlist, we will only do so with the good faith that we can fund your demonstrated need as evidenced by information submitted on the CSS PROFILE (the form required for institutional aid). Merit scholarships are not awarded to students offered admission from the waitlist.

Q. Can waitlisted students visit during a spring program?
A. We understand the importance of and would welcome your visit if you feel it will help you to determine your interest in remaining active on Dickinson’s waitlist. Our visit page outlines options for information sessions, tours and day visits.