Noted - The ADS Platform for Supplemental Notes

Students with a note-taking accommodation may choose to be the (anonymous) recipient of notes taken by a classmate who is identified to be the class note-taker (provided that someone volunteers to do this). The note-taker will scan and upload his or her notes to "NOTED," located on the Gateway, and the recipient can then access the notes there. Students with a note-taking accommodation must indicate to their professor through their Access Plan their choice to receive supplemental notes. They will then be given access to the notes by ADS. For your reference, here are the instructions given to professors regarding how to identify a class note-taker. 

Guidelines for Notes Recipients

  1. Make sure that you have disclosed your accommodations to your professor through the Access Plan, and indicated that you are requesting notes for the specific class. 
  2. You are expected to download your supplemental notes within one week of each class. ADS monitors precisely when and how often notes are downloaded. Failure to download your notes routinely and within 1 week of the class may result in a loss of the access to those notes. 
  3. Here is a Written Explanation of How to Access Your Notes
  4. If you prefer, here is a Video Tutorial of how to access and download your notes from our note-taking software, NOTED.

Guidelines for Note-Takers

  1. Obtain an application from your professor and once completed, return it to him or her. Your professor will notify you if you are selected to be the class note-taker. 
  2. If selected, read the ADS Guidance for Note-takers.
  3. You will receive log-in instructions from and be required to complete a short questionaire to ensure you understand your responsibilities.
  4. Once you have successfully completed the questionaire, you can begin to upload your notes into NOTED.

Thank you for being a note-taker!