Use of a Smart Pen for Note-Taking

Some students with a note-taking accommodation may prefer to take their own notes with a pen that records as they write. The LiveScribe smart pen works with a special notebook that syncs the class recording with whatever was written, such that the students using it can tap on any part of their notes and hear a play-back of what was recorded at the time.

Here is a video demonstration of how the LiveScribe pen works.  

Students with this accommodation who have not purchased their own pen will be permitted to borrow a LiveScribe smart pen from ADS and will be provided with LiveScribe notebooks and ink at no charge. Each student must return the pen at the conclusion of every semester so that required maintenance on the pen can be performed. Failure to return the pen will result in a hold on student transcripts until the pen is either returned to the library or paid for by the student.

If a student chooses to use a smart pen to implement a note-taking accommodation, professors must allow the recording of their classes whenever note-taking is permitted by the rest of the class. No consent is needed from other students. However, to ensure compliance with PA Wiretap Law, professors must notify all students that the class may be recorded for accommodation purposes. This can be accomplished through a simple sentence, which professors can include in the syllabus, in an email message to the class, or as an announcement (with no fanfare): "This class may be recorded for accommodation purposes." 

Please note: There are restrictions placed on students’ use of a recording device in the classroom. All students who are granted and intend to use this accommodation are required to complete a web-based version of the Confirmation of Guidelines for Accommodations before being given their accommodation letters, and this document requires agreement to the following:

  • If using a recording device for note-taking, I agree that recording classes is permissible solely to facilitate my note-taking accommodation and for no other purpose.
  • I agree to destroy my recording of any classes upon graduation or separation from the college.
  • I agree that I will not share, send, post, publish, make public, or duplicate any recordings without the written authorization of the recorded person(s).
  • I understand that failure to abide by these rules may render me liable to the professor and members of the class for breach of privacy and violation of copyright laws.
  • I further understand that failure to abide by these rules is considered a serious violation of Dickinson College Community Standards and subject to disciplinary action.