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The Norman M. Eberly Multilingual Writing Center

Mission, Values, and Student Learning Outcomes

The Norman M. Eberly Multilingual Writing Center offers both English and foreign language writing tutoring delivered face-to-face or via Zoom. The English peer writing tutors work with monolingual and multilingual speakers of English, and the foreign language writing tutors work with writers of Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. 

We are dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive collaborative space where

  • writers’ and tutors’ identities are valued;
  • writers’ and tutors’ cultural and linguistic practices are taken into account;
  • writers’ and tutors’ ideas are encouraged to be mutually expressed, heard, engaged with, and respectfully challenged.

The mission of the Norman M. Eberly Multilingual Writing Center is to support writers from all disciplines and of all levels and abilities as they develop their writing processes and increase their repertoire of writing skills.  To that end, the writing tutors are trained to:

  • collaborate with writers and engage them in conversation about their writing at any point in the writing process;
  • offer relevant feedback and strategic techniques that would enable writers to improve their writing and/or their writing processes;
  • take into account the needs of diverse writers and assist them with writing for diverse audiences;
  • increase student engagement in writing tasks.

As a result of this mission and these core values, writers will learn to:

  • build a functional writing process tailored to the writing task;
  • recognize areas for improvement in their drafts;
  • implement the skills, techniques, and dispositions needed to move the writing process forward;
  • be proud of their writing and confident in themselves as writers.    

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