Spring 2020

Course Code Title/Instructor Meets
WRPG 102-01 Topics in Sustainability and Academic Writing
Instructor: John Katunich
Course Description:
This course introduces students to critical topics in sustainability while also explaining the forms, conventions, and expectations of academic writing. Students will think critically about a contemporary topic in sustainability (such as climate change or biodiversity loss) in order to analyze rhetorical moves and assumptions in popular texts on this issue. Students will also learn about academic discourse by practicing a functional, recursive writing process in order to produce thesis-driven arguments about a contemporary sustainability debate and/or sustainability action.
1500:MR   ALTHSE 07
WRPG 211-01 Visual Poetry
Instructor: Carol Ann Johnston
Course Description:
Cross-listed with CRWR 219-03 and ENGL 221-01. Poetry began as verse recited by bards and scops going from town to town entertaining crowds with history, myths of origin, hymns, and genealogy. Rhythmic and repeating language made poetry an important aid to memory before writing existed. When the German goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg introduced moveable type in 1440 Europe, the printing press could produce around 3500 pages per day, as opposed to the page or two produced by the scribe copying by hand. Mass printing of poetry transformed the focus of the genre. We will discover the myriad ways that poetry and print interact, including through typography, illustration, and design, by looking at artifacts such as broadsides, emblem books, and artists books; by reading scholars and theorists discussing the evolution of poetry and print; by writing and designing our own visual poetry. Prior experience writing poetry will be useful for students taking the class.
1330:W   EASTC 108
WRPG 214-01 Working with Writers: Theory and Practice
Instructor: Noreen Lape
Course Description:
Cross-listed with ENGL 214-01.Permission of Instructor Required. Designed primarily for students who serve as tutors in the Norman M. Eberly Writing Center as well as for future teachers, this course examines how people learn to write from both a theoretical and a hands-on perspective. Prerequisite: permission of the Director of the Writing Program. This course is cross-listed as ENGL 214.
1330:TF   ALTHSE 109