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Faculty Development

Fall 2023

Generative AI Lunch and Learn Workshop Series

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Saving Time and Effort with AI

In this workshop we will first take a step back and understand what the current AI tools are, what they’re good at, and where they fall short. We will then discuss the various reasons to use each available product (ChatGPT, Bard, Bing, etc.). The bulk of our time together will be looking at concrete examples of how these tools can save you time and effort in your administrative duties and in your planning for instruction. Two examples include using AI to create complicated excel formulas or using AI to create unique scenarios for your students to work through.

Facilitators: Andrew Connell, Director of User Services; James D’Annibale, Director of Academic Technology
Thursday, September 14
Althouse 110

Using Generative AI for Good: Collaborating with the Machine

In this workshop, we will begin to explore ways we can incorporate generative AI into our teaching, particularly of writing. Good writers are able to read closely their own writing and that of others, formulate feedback, assess the quality of that feedback, and then act on it. These are all skills that take years to develop. We will look at ways that GAI, specifically ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, offer feedback on their writing, gifting students with occasions to formulate questions about their own writing and think critically about the feedback they receive. In reviewing AI feedback on their writing, students can ponder choices – both grammatical and rhetorical.  

Facilitator: Noreen Lape, Director of the Center for Teaching, Learning, & Scholarship
Thursday, October 19
Althouse 110

Making the Case for “Human-based” Pedagogies

In this workshop we will explore the rationale for maintaining a “human-based” pedagogy in our classes, identify assignment types and practices that preclude the use of AI in a class, and articulate reasons we can share with students to continue to engage in creation and expression without the assistance of AI tools. While we will look at some short-term measures that can “AI-proof” a class in this workshop, such as developing assignments that ask for analysis beyond the capacity of a tool like ChatGPT, we will also discuss ways to get students intrinsically invested in the value of developing their own human facilities of thinking, writing, or creating.

Facilitator: John Katunich, Director of the Writing Program
Thursday, November 16
Althouse 110

Faculty Conversation about GAI

Our last session will be a roundtable conversation in which we reflect on our experiences with GAI this semester, identify problems, troubleshoot solutions, and articulate areas for further development and consideration as a group.

Facilitator: Andrew Connell, James D’Annibale, John Katunich, and Noreen Lape
Tuesday, December 12
Althouse 110