The Multilingual Writing Center is staffed by Overseas Assistants and by Dickinson students who have experienced study abroad and are recommended by foreign language faculty for their writing ability.

 Dickinson Tutors  Language Study Abroad Experience 
Will Crass Arabic Amman, Jordan
Eunsol Jun Arabic Amman, Jordan
Abbey Merritt   Arabic Amman, Jordan
Huaiqing Jiang Chinese -
Anna Luo Chinese -
Qianqian Wu Chinese -
Maia Baker French Toulouse, France
Elizabeth Haraburda French Paris, France
Julien Herper French Toulouse, France
Anna Morrison French Toulouse, France
Emma Spector French Toulouse, France
Molly Burger German Bremen, Germany
Kyu Ri Hong German Bremen, Germany
Jamie Singer Hebrew -
Nomi Small Hebrew -
Laura Celedon Italian -
Allison Curley Italian Bologna, Italy
Gwen Hughes-White Italian Bologna, Italy
Celia White Italian -
Mayu Kawasaki Japanese Nagoya, Japan
Moyi Tan Japanese -
Qianqian Wu Japanese -
Kendal Heitman Russian -
Julia Isacson Russian Moscow, Russian
Sophia Miretskiy Russian -
Jacqueline Amezcua Spanish South America
Erik Calvo Fielding Spanish -
Gabriella Corcoran Spanish -
John Falvey Spanish South America
David Swenson Spanish South America
 Overseas Assistants    
Federico Corradini - Argentina
Renato de Medeiros - Brazil
Elea Lionnet University of Toulouse le Mirail Toulouse, France
Charlotte Grupp University of Bremen Bremen, Germany
Aylin Ucar University of Bremen Bremen, Germany
Federica Medori University of Bologna Bologna, Italy
Manuela Hernandez University of Malaga Malaga, Spain
Alicia Sanchez Martos University of Malaga Malaga, Spain
Maxim Gaetskii University of Moscow Moscow, Russia