The Multilingual Writing Center is staffed by Overseas Assistants and by Dickinson students who have experienced study abroad and are recommended by foreign language faculty for their writing ability.

Omar Ali Arabic   -
Jack Tigani Arabic   -
Amelia Dao Chinese   -
Angela Hou Chinese   -
Zero Yang Chinese   -
Natalie Cist French   -
Andrew Cummings French   -
Elizabeth Howerton French   -
Syd Todd French   -
Allison Gressett   German   -
Sophie Asbell Hebrew   -
Sophia Perry Hebrew Working with Multilingual Writers  -
Leah Goldberg Japanese   -
Nina Lo Japanese   -
Ceceilia Ribordy Portuguese   -
Katya Egorova Russian   Moscow, Russia  
Marec Marhoul Russian   -
Elizabeth Price Russian   -
Erin Kincade Spanish   -
Ana Matovic Spanish   -
Maia Uphoff Spanish   -
Laura Whitaker Spanish Working with Multilingual Writers -
Wissal Yaqouti Overseas Assistant French
Maya Briere Overseas Assistant German
Insa Koller Overseas Assistant German
Francesca Eskina Overseas Assistant  Italian
Antonella Orologiaio Overseas Assistant Italian
Ana Torres Reyes Overseas Assistant Spanish
Elisa Villasenor      Moreno                   Overseas Assistant Spanish