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The Judy Gill Professional Development Fund for Writing Center Tutors

Thanks to a generous gift from Dickinson alumnus George Gill and family, the MWC has established the Judy Gill Professional Development Fund for Writing Center Tutors in honor of George’s daughter-in-law and former director of the Writing Center from 1990-2009. Over the years, Professor Gill trained a cadre of intelligent, capable, and confident undergraduate writing tutors who embodied the kind of active and student-centered learning that defines the liberal arts tradition.  To honor Judy Gill’s work, the gift supports the professional development of writing center tutors through ongoing training.

The Badge Program

Tutors meet once a month with the director/associate director to discuss articles on a predetermined topic and develop tutoring skills in order to earn a badge credential. 

Undergraduate Research Program

Tutors research a writing center topic and synthesize their findings with the assistance of the director/associate director. They then present their research on campus, at a regional/international writing center conference, or in a writing center publication.

For information on current tutors who have completed one or more of these programs, see the English and foreign language writing tutor staff rosters.

Programs by Academic Year

2020:   Badge: Working with Multilingual Writers / Research: "Meeting Writers Where They Are: Self-Direction in the Writing Center", presented to Mid-Atlantic Writing Center Association      

2021:   Badge: Writing about Numbers / Research: "Multilingual Tutors: Identity Negotiation, Legitimacy, and Tutoring", presented at the National Conference on Peer Tutors of Writing

2022:   Badge: Second Language Writing (fall); Research and Information Literacy (spring) / Research: Rethinking Gendered Care work in the Writing Center (spring) 

2023:   Badge: AI in Writing (fall)