Writing Center tutors are students selected on the basis of their strong writing and interpersonal skills. They take a semester-long course in composition theory and tutoring practice before becoming tutors. In addition to tutoring, they visit classes to talk about the services provided by the Writing Center, and they assist faculty in classroom writing workshops and peer-editing sessions.


Tutors by Major
  Tutor Major(s)
  Janaiya Banks (SR) African Studies
  Diane Lee (SR) Art (Studio)
  Jack Buck (SO) Biology
  Rachel Lazris (JR) Biology
  Kate Mnuskin (SR) Biology
  Sydney Taylor (SO) Biology & Molecular Biology
  Matthew Loalbo (JR) Chemistry
  Eryn Nelson (SR) Chemistry
  Vu Pham (SO) Chemistry
  Jon Evans (SR) Computer Science
  Olin Rhoads (SO) Computer Science
  Billy Irving (and Russian Studies) (SR) Earth Science
  An Do (SR) Quantitative  Economics
  Zayed Shahjahan  (JR) Quantitative  Economics
  Kat Pham (SO) Quantitative Economics
  Tram Ton (SR) Economics
  Lena Friedman (SR) Educational Studies
  Winnie Le   (and French) (SR) Educational Studies
  Sarah Lutz (JR) Educational Studies
  Sagun Sharma (SO) Educational Studies
  Maia Baker (SR) English
  Kristen Kim (SO) English
  Rafi Marinello (and Francophone Studies) (SR) English
  Emma Moore (SO) English
  Rebecca Stout (SO) English
  Lily Tarwater (SO) English
  Nadia Tivvis (SR) English
  Olivia Watson (SR) English
  Francis Youmans (German and Film St Minor) (SR) English
  Madeline DuBoyce (SO) Environmental Science
  Lena Friedman (JR) Environmental Science
  Vu Pham (SO) Environmental Science
  Lily Tarwater (SO) Environmental Studies
  Amanda Donoghue (SR) History
  Julien Herpers (SR) History
  Jonathan Long (SR) History
  Rebecca Stout (SR) History
  Joanne Adebayo (SO) Intl Business and Mgmt
  Nick Kemp (SO) Intl Business and Mgmt
  Sarah Quinlan (Chinese minor) SR) Intl Business and Mgmt
  Shayna Sheehan (SR) Intl Studies
  Janaiya Banks (SR) Law & Policy
  Elizabeth Klenk (SR)  Mathematics
  Kat Pham (SO) Mathematics
  Olin Rhoads (SO) Mathematics
  Zayed Shahjahan (JR) Mathematics
  Tram Ton (SR) Mathematics
  Elizabeth Pineo (SO) Music
  Jon Evans (SR) Philosophy
  Matthew Loalbo (JR) Philosophy
  Sarah Gammoh (SO) Philosophy
  Vlada Watkins (SO) Philosophy
  Jake Costello (SR) Political Science
  Sarah Lutz (JR) Political Science
  Emma Spector (and Francophone St)(SR) Political Science
  Sarah Gammoh (SO) Psychology
  Amelia Hadar (and Judaic St minor) (SO) Psychology 
  Sagun Sharma (SO) Psychology
  Meagan McBride (SR) Sociology
  Marisabel Rivera-Arroyo (and Spanish) SO) Sociology
  Lillian Carver (SO) Theatre Arts
  Jonathan Long (SR) Theater Arts
  Maia Baker (SR) Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
  Lexie Wiggins (JR) Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies