All voice students are required to take the one-semester Voice Class (MUPS 111 for .50 credits) as a prerequisite to Studio Voice 114 (private lessons). Voice Class and lessons may be taken concurrently; however, first-year students must be aware that they may not exceed a maximum credit load of 4.5 credits during their first semester. Because of this requirement, some first-year students may find it is not possible to take Voice Class and lessons concurrently during their first semester.

In Voice Class, the anatomy and physiology of the four systems of the voice are introduced, as is classical technique as a foundation for understanding both classical and non-classical singing styles. Other subjects covered are Voice Science, the International Phonetic Alphabet, Vocal Health, Vocal Style, and the historic singing schools. The class culminates in a self-directed in-class vocal performance project for all enrolled students.

Vocal technique taught in the Voice Studio at Dickinson is either classical or musical theatre technique, depending upon the student’s abilities. Pop, rock, jazz and other vocal styles are not taught in the Voice Studio at Dickinson College.

Voice majors are required to perform two solo recitals for the major: typically, one in the spring semester of the junior year, and one in the spring semester of the senior year. If you plan on going abroad, the first recital must be completed in the spring of the sophomore year.