Ben-Gurion University in Israel

Ben Gurion University

Ben-Gurion University Campus

Located in the Negev desert, Ben-Gurion University (BGU) gives students a chance to study Hebrew Language, global health, Middle East studies, and environmental studies among other disciplines while living on campus with Israelis from all ethnic and religious backgrounds.  The city of Be’er Sheva also offers students numerous ways to engage the local community both on and off campus. Dickinson students begin their studies at BGU with an intensive, six week Hebrew language ulpan held prior to the semester. During the semester, students have the opportunity to enroll in a wide-range of liberal arts coursework taught in English in a diverse residential campus environment. Students may also pursue independent study with a professor at BGU.

Courses approved as HEST electives:

Students can also participate in an academic research internship while studying at Ben-Gurion. In addition to the semester long program, there are also summer programs in global health.