Human health has biological, interpersonal and societal dimensions. It’s no surprise then that Dickinson students take health-related courses and perform health research in a variety of disciplines.

The health studies program assists students in identifying opportunities to pursue and expand their health interests and obtain hands-on experience both in the laboratory and in the community. Health studies faculty offer a range of perspectives on health so students can examine its complexity and connect it with the arts, the economy, ethics, politics, psychology and society. This is essential background for students with career interests in aid organizations, business and government, as well as in medicine, mental health and public health.

Steps for Declaring the HEST Certificate:

  1. You should declare your HEST certificate as soon as possible. HEST students have priority for getting into HEST201 and HEST400.
  2. Email the HEST chair, Prof. Kingston, to let her know your intentions to declare the HEST certificate. She will assign you an advisor.
  3. Setup up an appointment to meet with your advisor. During that meeting you will discuss the HEST certificate program, including study abroad options for HEST and how to complete the field experience requirement. Your advisor will also sign your form. You do not need to bring your form (your advisor has it), and you do not
    need to get the HEST chair's signature.
  4. After the meeting, you will take the completed form to the registrar's office.


Sadler Health Center internship opportunities available for spring 2019

Sadler Health Center is currently seeking PAM® interns at its Carlisle site for the 2018-19 academic year. PAM is an evidence-based predictive survey that assesses patients’ knowledge, skills and confidence in managing their own health. PAM additionally provides caregivers with coaching interventions to increase patient engagement and improve outcomes. 

The internship meets the HEST field experience requirement, but students must register via the internship notation program to received final approval. To apply, please fill out the application.

Contact Info

Sharon Kingston
Health Studies Program Coordinator

Meta Bowman
Academic Department Coordinator

Theresa Arndt
Health Studies Librarian


239 W. Louther Street, Community Studies Center
Mailing Address