Addressing Mail to Campus Staff & Offices

Please address letters or packages to campus offices in the following way:

 * Mailing Address
    For all First Class Mail and Parcels
    Dickinson College/Department Name
    28 North College Street
    PO Box 1773
    Carlisle, PA 17013-2896

 Physical Address
    For all UPS, DHL, and FEDEX
    Dickinson College/Department Name
    28 North College Street
    Carlisle, PA 17013-2311

 For all Freight Deliveries
    Dickinson College/Department Name
    5 North Orange Street
    Carlisle, PA 17013-2727

*If you are unsure how your package is being shipped, you will want use the mailing address indicated above.

Personal Packages should not be sent to the college. However if delivered to the college they will need to be picked up at the FAS. Deliveries made across campus are for departmental package use only.
   Dickinson has a centralized delivery system.

For more information about sending mail and packages to Dickinson Students click on the link provided below.

FAS Mail Center Hours
   Monday - Friday
   9 am - 4:30 pm
   Phone: 717-245-1238

Student Mailroom is accessible:
   at the convenience of students

Package Pickup Hours
   Monday - Friday
   10 am - 6 pm
   11 am - 1 pm
   Zair Ulsh: 717-245-1298
   Package Pickup: 717-245-1973

All offices are closed on Sunday
 Scheduled hours may vary during exams, breaks and holidays.