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Staff Mailing Information

Employee Mailing Information

Outgoing Mail

US outgoing mail leaves Mail Services at 3:30 pm

  • All outgoing mail must have a departmental postage number displayed on each piece by the return address. All mailings consisting of more than one piece should be contained in a rubber band or clip.
  • All flaps must be down and be on the top side of a # 10 envelope, for the machine to seal them. When mailing flats or brown envelopes, the flaps must be on the long side at the top for the machine to seal them.
  • Booklets must be tabbed.
  • Invitation envelopes must be sealed by the sender.
  • All domestic mail will be sent First Class unless otherwise specified.
  • International mail must be separated from domestic mail and be stamped Air Mail.

Intra-office Mail

  • Please PRINT the recipient's name, department or building location on the envelope. All mail that does not have the department or location is put aside until time is available to determine where they are on campus.
  • When reusing an interoffice envelope, please cross off all previous names and use the spaces on the intraoffice envelopes' front before using the back.
  • Campus mail for students must be distributed by the department. Mail Services no longer accepts, all student mailings, for departments or organizations.
  • Assistance with distributing a large volume student mail can be arranged by speaking with the Director of Mail services.
  • Mail Services also will no longer receive and deliver miscellaneous campus mail distributions from faculty, staff, or organization nor do we manage intercampus mail from office going to students.If a department or office needs to do a large mailing to students feel free to contact Mail Services to discuss options.

Mail Forwarding

  • If a faculty or staff member leaves Dickinson College, their former department is responsible for forwarding or returning the piece to the sender.
  • USPS provides a forwarding service for letters and packages.
  • Block out the barcode with a permanent black marker. Blacken the barcode on the front and the orange barcode on the back.
  • The new address should cover the old address, let the name show.
  • Block out fluorescent bar code on the back of the envelope.

Mail Returns

You may return any unopened mail to the sender at no cost, but you must pay the postage fee if opened.

International Letter Mail

International letter mail must be kept separate from domestic mail.

  • All mailings consisting of more than one piece should be contained in a rubber band or clip.
  • All international mail should have the country name on the last line. And should be stamped AIR MAIL.
  • International or Military Overseas Addressing
  • Overseas military addresses must contain APO or FPO designation along with a two-character "state" abbreviation of AE, AP, or AA and the zip code. Customs details for an international must be specific. Please ask questions if needed. Please complete the fillable shipping form and attach it to the package.
  • No staples.

Outbound mail and packages:

Shipping parcels/packages

Five important steps for shipping your packages:

  1. Sender’s email address – You will receive an email containing the details on how the package was sent, what it cost, and a tracking number.
  2. Department Postage Number
  3. Phone extension – so that we can contact the sender if there are any questions.
  4. If you are shipping to a foreign country or foreign military address you must include an international phone number and an email for the recipient, complete the content, quantity, and value section of the package. Customs details must be specific. Please ask questions if needed.
  5. UPS and FedEx provide up to $100.00 of insurance. If your package is valued at more than what is provided, it is important to add additional insurance.

All mail and packages should be sent through Mail Services to receive all applicable savings and get the most economical means of delivery.

All envelopes that are padded will not bend or parcels weighing more than 13 oz must be accompanied by a shipping form. Department shipping labels are not needed. Mail Services will affix a label to the package once processed. Please you link provided above for the shipping form.

When shipping international packages, you must provide an international phone number and a recent email address.

Dickinson College has specific discounts with UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

Phone numbers and emails are required for all overnight packages.

USPS There are postage calculators for domestic and international rates on the USPS website at